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A Boss vs The Boss

13 April 2009 4 Comments

Have you ever seen some guy who seems like he’s got everything going for him? He’s got a successful career, incredibly sexy women seem to adore him, his fellow mates revere him, even clothes tend to look better on him than most other men, and everything just seems to always work out in his favor. I’m sure you’ve seen these kinds of men around. They’re rare, but they’re clearly doing something right in life and you’ve often wondered what the secret to their success is. Well, the fact is, these are Alpha-males, or Bosses as I’d like to call them. This is what I strive to accomplish in advising men that read this blog to become. Now in previous posts I’ve discussed the type of mentality you must possess to be a Boss and I’ve given many different advice on ways you must dress, smell, talk, and present yourself to other people, but I haven’t gone into detail about how you must act when you’re in the presence of another Boss. It’s sort of like a clash of Titans.

What Do You Do When There’s Another Boss Present?

Way too many times I’ve noticed people stroking the ego of people they think are running the shite. When they see someone is rich and/or powerful, they start degrading themselves and lose their self-respect just to please the Boss in the room. I find this sickening to look at. It’s as if their animal instinct kicks in and when they see the Alpha wolf, they hide their tail between their legs and lose all sense of pride. Then there are also the others that try to compete with the Boss and try to make him look bad by acting clownish and smart-allicky. Now these types of actions are not in the best interest of anyone.

The best way to handle another Boss in your presence is to learn him, captivate his attention, make your presence known, and then conquer.

1. Learn Him: From the second you see the type of person I’ve outlined above, you have to observe him and see how people act around him and what exactly about him makes him so Goddamn likeable. Is it only because he has money and power, or is it about the way he carries himself, or maybe his knowledge of things that makes people listen to him. It could also be just sheer respect or fear for the man for his boldness. There are a variety of things that your competition may illuminate with his presence, but it’s key to pick out his strongest as well as his weakest traits.

2. Captivate His Attention: Begin your own conversation with a couple of other people. Tell them what they want to hear about, maybe a story about some experience you’ve had, which will make them see that you’re pretty bout it yet not conceited. But don’t seem like you’re everything and the people listening to the story are nothing. Ideally, this will captivate the other Boss’s attention and he will try to approach and listen to what makes you so out of the ordinary to the people around.

3. Make Your Presence Known: At first ignore the other man completely. Don’t let him interrupt, don’t let him act up, don’t let him steal any light from you. But when you’re close to finishing your story, ask him a question. Engage him in the conversation. And then once you see he’s going to try and tell the people listening some important thing that’s happened to him or whatever, then it’s your time to look down, take a sip from your drink, listen and really seem interested. Then find a time to imput your comment, saying something like “That’s serious. I never thought that that was even possible to do.” Or something in that nature.

4. Conquer: Then when he thinks you’re sincerely enjoying his conversation, jump in and say something that will destroy his ego. Don’t look clownish doing it, but say it with frankness. Then just turn away and go on to answer your cell phone or enage in a conversation with someone else, not allowing that Boss to say anything back. People will see your strength and will step back from him.

People love to follow the most powerful person. This post has been about explaining what to do when you see another Boss in the room who you would like to destroy psychologically in order to have people follow you instead of him. But I’d like to post a sidenote: Only do this when you really want to be the dominant power in the room. Sometimes it may just be better to sit back, listen, and learn from the people around you. Other times you may feel like destroying an opponent, which is when these advice can be useful.


  • dnb said:

    Nice read and I likd the steps you’ve written about. Oh and I added you to my RSS google reader. Hoping to enjoy some more futue posts. Going to add you on twitter as well. 😀

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @dnb: Thanks for adding my post to your RSS feed and twitter mates are always welcome. 🙂

  • Lenny Phillips said:

    The picture goes well with this article, but I think it’s usually better to sit back, relax, and study the scene more than act out like you’ve said. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. This reminded me of something Machiavelli or SunTzu would write, I guess that is why I enjoyed reading this so much.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Lenny Phillips: Art of War by Sun Tzu is on my to-read list. Haven’t had lots of time to do anything but write essays and study lately, but will for sure check out that book over the summer. And will get into the habbit of updating this blog a lot more often after my exams are all done with.

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