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A Wife, A Fuck Buddy & A Premature Ejaculator

22 January 2013 One Comment

I am a married woman for the past one year and I realised my husband loves me but he has issues while having sex like premature ejaculation. This used to leave me unsatisfied. However,I came across an unmarried man in my office whom I got instantly connected to as friends and after being friends for about 6 months odd he approached me for physical closeness. I resisted in the beginning,but he knew that I was married too I assumed, I gave in and now after realising that he will maintain my privacy, we started having sex which was very fulfilling for me and I started enjoying it. I sometimes wonder however, if I have wronged my husband,though I still love him but my sexual needs are not being met there. I am not emotionally attached to my colleague.

Sex is an important part of a relationship and if your husband is not satisfying you sexually then it is tempting to look outside of the relationship. You were right to resist in the first place but obviously
temptation got the better of you in this case. If you do love your husband, and you say you do, then you should perhaps try to work on your marriage and seek help for your husband’s problem. He is probably very aware that he’s not fulfilling your needs sexually and this may be affecting his confidence. It’s important that you make him feel secure and work through it together. You say you have no emotional ties to your fuck buddy so it’s probably better to call it off until you have worked through your marital problems. If however the thought of calling it off is unspeakable to you then perhaps you need to reconsider if your marriage is going to work.

Cheating on your husband is not the solution, and even though your fuck buddy satisfies you in the short run, in the long run you’re still left with your husband. It is important to have an open conversation with your husband and explain that sex is a crucial part of your relationship. Even though having a conversation about his premature ejaculation is difficult to have, it should be a step way before ever cheating on him just for sexual satisfaction. See what he thinks on the subject and perhaps he will be open to trying methods to resolve the issue.

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