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Adding a Third Member To Sexual Fantasy

8 May 2009 8 Comments

Hey Robby, I think I got a question and a topic for a new post! Me and my girlfriend are looking for a fuck-buddy for occasional threesome. How can I find one? Thanks in advance!

Now in this post I’ll be assuming that you’re looking for another female fuck-buddy to add to your occasional threesome.

Where to Look for a 3rd Member

There are websites out there like Craigslist where you’ll definitely find someone who will be interested in a threesome. You can find women, men, trannies, or any other type of person you want on that site (not that I’ve searched for trannies…). Anywho, so that’s one option you may want to look into.

There are also lounges that are known for people that are into threesomes and fulfilling other sexual fantasies. They’re called swinger clubs and you could google some to find a couple near you. Basically the people that go to those places are all open-minded and go there to find other open-minded couples. It might be helpful to know that most couples at these swinger parties expect to switch, pass, and share their partners around when they actually do hook-up. If you’re into sharing your partner then swinger clubs are definitely where you’d want to go to find the answer to your question. A word of advice, when you’re socializing with others at the swinger club make sure to be honest with what you’re looking for and why you came to that club. Again, the people there are open-minded and are there for the exact same reason as you are so don’t be shy and let them know what you’re into.

Finally, another way to find a third member to your sex-trio is by simply going out to a club, hooking up with a girl, bringing her back to your corner and introducing her to your girl. Be nice, make sure your girlfriend likes and approves of her, then buy her some drinks, make sure she’s feeling comfortable, and finally start making out with your own girlfriend and try adding the new girl to the mix. Have your girlfriend make the first move on her and see if she’s into it and if she is, then great… if not, then just tell her what you’re looking for and if she’s still not into it then just say bye and try finding someone new. If your girlfriend isn’t shy to look for a girl herself then she may want to head on over to a lesbian nightclub and find a girl that’s into it and that may even work better than a regular nightclub because most lesbians are bisexual anyhow so they may feel more comfortable than a straight girl trying out a threesome with both a male and female for her first time.

What to Avoid

Make sure that you do not ask a friend to join in on your occasional threesome because this could lead to future problems. Jelousy can become a big factor if a friend of yours or your girlfriend’s is the one you add to your mix, so it’s best to avoid having a friend join. Also, make sure that during the threesome you don’t show more attention to the third member than your own girlfriend, because even though your girlfriend is going to be in ecstacy from the crazy sex, when the whole thing is done with she may surprisingly get jelous of the new, third member. I know it’s exciting when you’ve got someone knew in bed, but just keep in mind that your girlfriend is there too and you should always give her the attention she seeks.

Hope that helps and best of luck. Have fun mate!

If anyone else has any dating questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • Anonymous said:

    Thanks Robby, for your always fine advice!

    Me and my girlfriend have spent hours looking for a third partner (male or female) in a lot of online dating forums, but still haven’t made the final step of meeting someone. I’ve been reluctant in the past about swinger clubs, but if you recommend it then I’ll definitely try it out.

    I agree that it’d be great if my gf could find girl in a lesbian club. Sadly in our town in catholic Germany, there’s only one club that one night per month has a gay/lesbian night, and we haven’t had the chance to go.

    About not inviting a friend: ’bout a week ago I was convincing a good friend of mine (male) to join us. He’s still considering it, you think I should call it off?

    I hadn’t considered your strategy of hooking up with a girl and then introducing her to my gf, I guess most of them would just freak out. Still, it’s another approach and worth trying!

    Thanks again for your post!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Anonymous: Strictly from my opinion, I would call it off with the friend but if there’s no other option due to the seclusions of your town you may want to go through with it. I personally am against the friend idea, especially now that you have mentioned you’re living in a town that isn’t too big and assumingly you will be seeing this friends for many years to come. It might work out but it might also go horribly wrong. Just be warned. Otherwise, try the hooking up with a girl and introducing her to your girlfriend, it might work out. 🙂

  • Sheran said:

    You really need to find girls that are into it, but I’ll tell you that many are NOT. Lesbian nightclub seems like a good idea and the swinger clubs are known for their open-mindedness as you’ve said.

  • Joe said:

    That’s a crazy question and crazy response. How do people even come up with this stuff. I have to admit that it was entertaining to read though. Lots of weird people out in the world. I saw a comment on this blog that “no woman wants to be a fuck-buddy”. THis post alone proves that statement completely wrong. Many even want to be used for a threesome.

  • AnnaHopn said:

    Hi, Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your http://www.shiteilike.com.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @AnnaHopn: Usually twice or so per week. Going to try and update more times a week after May is over and done with since I’ll have more time on my hands. You can just subscribe to my RSS and get the latest posts whenever they get posted. Cheers!

  • Crazy Oldie said:

    Great tips. The best source is a swingers club since people already know the role there. Another site I have noticed people looking for a couple is plenty of fish..its a really badly laid out site, but there are some hotties there worth slamming

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Crazy Oldie: Lol always appreciate your input mate.

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