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Ask Robby G – “Every Question’s Got an Answer” is a blog that gives people advice on how to achieve a successful lifestyle. Robby G, your humble author of the blog, takes you through a life-altering journey that will change the way you perceive life while showing you what’s truly important through our time on earth. Posts about apparel, certain magazines, colognes, and many relationship advice will be discussed. The dating Q&A advice are quickly gaining fame and more men and women are seeking Robby’s expertise on the subject.

1. Sponsored Reviews

I will be doing sponsored reviews of certain products if I believe they fit this  blog’s topic and are of interest for me and my readers. The way the sponsored reviews will be structured is in one of two forms. 1. I will directly discuss it and supply my readers with a link of the supplier, or 2. I will incorporate the link along with the product into my post, explaining its benefits through experience.

Sponsored Reviews – Contact Me for Price

2. Large Box Ad

The biggest single ad space on my blog is the 300 x 250 box ad that is on every page on the upper right hand side. Send me the ad along with the url you would like to link it to and I will assess the site or product and publish the advertisement.

300 x 250 px Box Ad – $200 – Contact Me

3. Sponsor

You can have your site advertised through a 125 x 125 banner up as one of my blog’s Sponsors. Of course, I would have to assess your site/blog and if I like what I see and it’s something I would actually suggest to my readers, then I will put it up.

Sponsor – $150 – Contact Me

4. Banner

Buy a 468 x 60 banner that is placed in the top right hand corner of the blog. To give your banner maximum exposure, it will be visible on every post and page and it will not rotate amongst other ads.

468 x 60 px Banner – $200 – Contact Me

5. Text Link

You may advertise webpages through my blog’s text. I will permalink words of your choosing to your given webpage. The webpages I link to must be assessed by me and again meet the standards of relevance to my blog. Each word will be linked separately so you must be concise on which word in which exact sentence you would like to be permalinked.

Text Link – $15 per word

If you would like to advertise on my blog, then feel free to contact me. Payments will be accepted through Checks as well as PayPal.

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