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30 October 2009 5 Comments

Last week I went on a trip to Vienna from Amsterdam. I spent 200 US dollars to go from Dam to Austria to Russia and back to Dam. Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on the beautiful city of Vienna. It has the nicest architecture I’ve ever seen in any city, it’s like walking through a fucking museum. Yes, it’s great. However, what I did notice, which really put a cramp in my style was that it has a bunch of fucking ugly people. It looked like a bunch of inbreds put into a city and left to roam around. Me, being the smart motherfucker that I am, did not end up renting a room in advance for me to sleep in for the night I’d be there, and after I met and ex’s friend who showed me around the city for 3 hours and got drunk with me, left my ass to chill in the city from 1 in the morning by myself. So, now imagine this. I’m there, drunk, dressed pretty nice in a pea-coat and black buttoned shirt and jeans, without a place to go at 1 am. My plane leaves at 7:30 in the morn and the subway station is closed till 5. I walk around admiring the city, but after 20 minutes of that, I get bored as fuck and not to mention extremely tired. The bottle of wine really went straight to my head and I had nothing to do but to park on a bench and try to get some sleep till the subway opened up.

So I’m sleeping there, freezing my ass off when I wake up to some drunkards making ruckus. That’s when I realize that I’m really cold and decide to move underground where it should be warmer. So now I’m there, warm, surrounded by junkies and teens tripping on LSD, when I see that one bum is really eye-balling me. Shit, I think, I can’t go to sleep here waiting for the subway to open, because any minute I dose off, this fucking wino with a bottle will cut my lungs out and try to sell it at the black market. So what do I do? Shit, I go back up to the bus bench. I sleep for another hour or so and then end up really pissed off. The drunkeness is passing and all that’s left is a well dressed me in a position of a bum. I catch myself a taxi and head to the airport. There, I set my Blackberry to act as my alarm to wake me up 30 minutes before my flight and go ahead and go to sleep.


Jesus, Moscow was a headache. Sure, I met family member that I haven’t seen in a long time, but the city is rotting away. All the casinos were shut down and pubs and clubs were closed on Saturday at midnight. It was a disaster, I couldn’t even get a decent drink for the entire four days I was there. It doesn’t matter though, as I told my professor when I came back, I was doing on-location research for my paper on Putin’s perception on the State.

Back in Black

The second I got back to Amsterdam, I felt back at home. However, once I settled back in, I end up noticing all the same fucking retarded things that I saw when I first moved into this town. As I sit here writing this, a meter away from me is my Juliet balcony and below that there are a bunch of junkies rummaging through garbage that me and my neighbours threw away hours ago. It’s really pissing me off that I live across a crack-house, but that’s all I can afford at this time. There are weirdos screaming and music blaring and crack-fiends stealing broken lamps. Why? Well, because this is the land of pimps and whores and it’s fucking awesome. When I get a little bit drunk, I may despise the situation, but at the end of the day it’s fascinating as shit. I feel like throwing a bottle of beer down there and smashing it right next to the homeless junkie, but at the same time I need to sit here and start on an essay I know won’t get finished until the day it’s due. Anywho, I feel like I’m ranting on and on about my travels and Amsterdam, but then again it’s my blog, so enjoy it while there’s still a Robby G to write all this meaningful crap. Now it’s time for me to take off an go watch another episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Cheers!


  • Al said:

    I must say, this is the Robby G I know, and yet, forgot, lol, I love how every now and then you have a true BLOG post, where YOU, talk about YOU. Human traits, always something I seek in novels, movies, and anything that is seemingly real. I love how you think that the land of pimps and whores is “fucking awesome”. I too , unlike most, share that type of interest in well… real life, keep the posts coming, each one gets me hooked… Stay safe Robby G. And live on ShiteIlike.com :D…

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Al: That’s what I like to hear, and I wish everyone thought and appreciated the same things as us. Bah, but then we’d be two boring SOB’s. Wow, just remembering the now (the afternoon after) how drunk I was while writing this post. Any spelling errors? Pshh, skip ’em.

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  • Attah said:

    shite this makes me wanna come to amsterdam even more!

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  • bibliothek said:

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  • Caelyn said:

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