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Appreciate What You Have While Striving for Greatness

9 July 2009 No Comment

I was reading a post entitled Success & Motivation – 2009 on Blog Maverick and there was a quote that really stuck with me that goes something like: “The new job you just took that you thought would be amazing, will be amazing. Most probably it will be amazing for about 3 months. Then you will realize its not so amazing and you will need to find something else that is amazing. Thats ok. You don’t have to be right everytime. You just have to be right one time. Finding the right job is a lot like dating. Its hard until you start, then when you start, its great till its not. Then its frustrating as hell until you get it right. But when you do, it all comes together.” You should check out that post, it’s really motivational for anyone that’s going through tough times in this recession… which is basically everyone.

This made me think of something from a book I’ve been reading and I wanted to give some advice on the notion of enjoying life and each new day more than the previous. We as humans in the rat race have a tendency to constantly run to somewhere, thinking once we get there we’ll have it all and that it’ll all be worth the daily struggle.And I used to believe that it’s impossible to be happy with what you’ve got. People always say you can only appreciate something once it’s gone, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s possible to really sit back and capture the moment. The fact is life is a journey and it’s the journey that’s important, not the end result, which as we all know has the same finale for everyone. So what am I trying to say here? I’m saying that life is compiled of each day, so you must learn to feel satisfied with everything you do. And then once that feeling of satisfaction flees you, move on and do something else that will satisfy. In my previous post I discussed rules and their restrictions and how so few people really know what freedom tastes like. In this post I wanted to share the idea of enjoyment. That your life isn’t in what will happen tommorrow or in that big record deal that you’ll land someday in the future. It’s right here, right now. It’s slipping you by while you’re making grandiouse plans for yourself. So don’t feel melancholic or anxious or sad about what has happened and what will happen, instead try to assess your current situation and embrace it. Try to make the best of it. And if nothing is going well and everything has brought you to a point in life where you feel like you’re in the gutter, realize the fact that there is enough beauty and joy in nature to satisfy any soul. It’s at those times when a person feels like he’s got nothing going for him that he’s got nothing to lose, and that’s when he can either make something great of himself or completely self-destruct.

What Does That Have to Do With the Above Quote?

In our search for that final right job or that perfect woman, we tend to completely despise everything that has preceded us in our path to that perfect moment in life. We forget the struggle and only aim at the bright future. But it’s in those very moments in our lives that were difficult or imperfect in which we must find satisfaction and joy to help us move onto the next level in our lives. It all depends on our outlook of each day. You can have everything and be depressed or you may have nothing yet be happy. I’m not promoting you give up your possessions and make a move into the wild, but appreciate what you’ve got and know that it’s not what you lack or could have, but it’s how you perceive the things you do have.

So sit back, take a deep breath, and look at your situation. Couldn’t it be worse? Sure it could. Could it be better? Of course. So what are you going to do about it? Go find something that satisfies you, but don’t forget to enjoy what you’ve got already. Enjoy.

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