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3 March 2010 7 Comments

I was recently thinking about where my blog has headed over the past year or so and realized that it’s developed into something far beyond than what I ever expected. Instead of talking about random shite I like, it has become the go-to blog for dating (and fuck buddy) advice for both women and men. I do still publish posts on things I enjoy and suggestions on how men can imporve their lifestyle into something great, yet my main goal with it is to provide sufficient dating advice for people. So ever since @racheallee (on Twitter) titled me as a modern day “Love Specialist”, I decided to run with it and even though the domain name stays as ShiteILike.com (because I’m not too bright when it comes to changing the url while not losing all of my current links) I decided to instead implement the idea I stole from Kelly Diels from Cleavage, who uses a different blog title from her domain name. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve changed my blog title to “Ask Robby G: Every Question’s Got an Answer” and you can even access the site by typing into your url box askrobbyg.com and you’ll still be able to land on this site. I’ve also got this fucking cool new logo with the broken heart being heeled, which I know you all love and wish you thought of yourself. 😉

Any Other Changes?

Besides incorporating this new blog title and super-smooth logo, everything else stays the same. You can still contact me to ask me any dating/relationship/fuck-buddy related questions and I’ll be more than happy to supply you with my knowledge and advice.

Who Made My Logo?

I’ve had the logo made by LogoNerds.com who are extremely talented and have extremely reasonable prices. They supplied me with three logo concepts from which I asked them to make some alternations to, and then they supplied me the new altered concepts from which I chose the one you see in the header. I’m really happy with it and was actually debating for a long time between this logo and another great one they made for me. I chose this one because I think when one day this blog because a huge business for me and I begin manufacturing apparel and whatnot, I’m going to use that heart design just like Hugh puts that little Playboy Bunny on his clothing line. Maybe I’m being too hopeful, but you never know what tomorrow brings.

Update on the Progress in 2010

I’m still stuck in Amsterdam until this summer and everything has been working out quite well. I have been working on a very important ebook on how to find a fuck-buddy, keep a fuck-buddy around as long as you want, and then finally get rid of them when you are ready to move on without ever having them hate you. I hope to finish and launch this ebook within the next couple of months and I have really high hopes that it will help many people with their fuck-buddy issues. Just don’t expect anything like The Game, because finding a girlfriend is so last year. Some men are too busy for that and need a stress-free fuck-buddy relationship with no strings attached, which I will show them how to get with guaranteed methods that have worked for me and the people I have taught them to.

I am also working on my latest semi-authobiographic novel entitled “Scum”, which is basically about my drunk and decadent adventures in Amsterdam and throughout Europe. It is close to being complete and I hope to get it published in the next couple of months as well.

I’ve also started a newsletter in the beginning of the year that is growing quite rapidly and if you are interested in receiving a free dating advice ebook that I published some time ago, please click here to sign up to the monthly newsletter.

PS: I’m also growing out my hair and maybe even leaving a nice thick beard. The beard (and being a heavy-drinker) seems like a pre-requisite for being a writer, no?


  • Carlee said:

    I love the new logo, it’s really cool. THe title of the blog fits the idea behind it much more now. You’ve been quite busy with a bunch of stuff I can see. That’s nice to hear Robby. A fuck buddy ebook sounds very original, I’ll be looking forward to it.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Carlee: Thanks and yes, I’ve been quite busy. The fuck buddy ebook should help out a lot of people who read this blog I think. Cheers.

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  • Michael Carter said:

    Fuck buddy ebook sounds like a fucking masterful idea. And you’re writing a semi-autobio, that’s insane man you’ve really been doing a lot of writing. 2010 should be a big step up for you huh?

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Michael: We’ll see how it goes but it could really be a step up if it works out how I hope it will. And yes, a hell of a lot of writing.

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  • sarah said:

    how can i get my bf to forgive me for bieng cruel and rude?????? help me

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  • chelsea said:

    ok so i’ve been dating this guy for a year now. and i love him with all my heart. but he doesn’t trust me cause of something i said when i was drunk. i’ve told him several times i didn’t mean it but its not helping… idk what to do please help

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  • Kendra Haugh said:

    Love your website!!! Congratulations on all the good things coming! Elizabether’s Mommers

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