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Aviator Sunglasses

4 December 2008 5 Comments

Sunglasses have become bigger than ever, in my personal opinion, and since they’re on your face others tend to notice them most from any other accessory you’ve got on. This means that these sunglasses you’re wearing better be top-notch and coolest of all. I don’t wanna sound cocky or anything, but I’ve got a face that any pair of glasses look good on, except those thin squinty looking ones. The ones that suit me most though, and the ones I like to wear and own are Aviators. They’ve become a cliché nowadays, but I used to like that shite even before this big Aviator boom. I own four pairs of Aviators and I still think of buying more whenever I walk by a sunglass shop. There’s something about Aviators that just make them so fucking bad, not in a good way, but in the baddest way there is– which pretty much is the best way.

Ones I Own

Anywho, I’ve got the mirrored Aviators from Ray Ban which I wore all through high school I remember. Then I’ve got the Hunter S. Thompson clear Aviators, which no one ever sees a point in me wearing because they don’t help against the sun, nor do they serve any purpose in helping my vision. But I wear them just the same ’cause they’re fucking boss. Then I’ve got the wider dark red pair, which I tend to wear more than any. The dark red pair was a present from someone… bah, I’m not gonna go into detail about that, let’s just say there’s a reminiscent-type history behind why I wear them so often. And the final pair of plain dark ones. I try to switch them up as often as I can y’know, but it’s hard when you start swaying towards the one you favour. Kinda like a Saudi Arabian and his four wives.

Big Frames

Aviators have been around for longer than I can remember— before the 60s I presume. Anyone know? Well, they’ve been around and around and they still fucking suave. What I like most about them is gotta be the fact that they practically cover half my face. Thankfully my eye-sight is good so I don’t need to wear seeing-glasses. If I did though, I’d probably hate that shite because I couldn’t find nice Aviator-styled seeing glasses anywhere. Not online, not in shops. I’ve seen those big, rounded, wanna-be Aviators, but not quality Aviators. Check out this place I found on the net where you can buy yourself a pair of not only Aviators but any type of fashionable sunglasses for a fair price. They make great gifts too. I used to never want to buy expensive sunglasses, thinking Fay Bans are just as good as Ray Bans, but what I’ve came to realize is what I’ve mentioned already: they are the first thing anyone notices about you when they talk to you or even see you in the street. Before I used to think who would ever buy $300 sunglasses when you can get the knock-offs for $20, but I don’t want some fake glass bullshite plastic frames on my face that’ll break in a week. Anywho, that’s just my perception on the matter.

What style of sunglasses do you think are the finest?


  • Jodi said:

    I wear $1 sunglasses from the dollar store. Every pair of sunglasses I’ve had my kids have managed to ruin somehow. So I am doomed to wear the cheapos at least until my kids are a bit bigger or till I get better at keeping them out of harm’s way.

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  • Ray Ban Aviator said:

    The aviators on the Brad Pitt picture is RB 3025 and the one on the Johnny Depp pic (great movie!) are RB 3183 RAY BAN.

    Im pretty sure they are both Ray Bans.

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  • Dalila said:

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  • aviator sunglasses said:

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  • Gunnars Glasses said:

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