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Avoid Being Hustled

8 December 2008 10 Comments

Hmm, well here I am again writing another post for the Get Women series. Now that I’ve had a few pistos in me, I feel like telling a story about what happened to me, which you should really learn from. Today’s discussion is about how to be smart enough not to get hustled by a woman. I’ve written a post about con artistry, and how I respect true hustlers, but the fact is even though I show respect to con artists, I do whatever I can to stay far away from being swindled. Now there was this one instance when two of my mates and I flew to Varadero, Cuba on vacation a couple of years ago and there was a woman there that thought she could hustle me.


The Story Begins

I was kinda young when this happened to me (17, I think), but nevertheless I was still smart enough to avoid getting swindled. The story starts off like this. Me and my friends were at a resort, getting drunk everyday, having an amazing time. We would go to the clubs outside of the hotel almost every night, and on the fifth day we decided to go with the whole group of people that were at the hotel. They had the three Cuban coordinators who assembled the entire group and they were pretty decent guys. I’d chilled with the three of them before at the poolside and at the bar and I never had anything  against them. Well before the club there was a concert taking place, and like any normal group of 3 friends on vacation, me and my mates got drunk off brew while watching the concert. One of the performers noticed and decided she’d take advantage of the fact I was drunk. First she pulled me on stage and danced around with me. She was twenty-three, I remember, and trust me she was smoking hot—they don’t let just anyone off the street to be a hotel performer. We danced and flirted a little, and then after the concert when everyone was ready to go clubbing, she was coming on to me, making jokes and whatever, which I obviously didn’t find anything wrong with. When we got on the bus, we sat together and after a few minutes she looks down at my belt and says, “Oh, that’s a very nice buckle, can I have it.”

Sheer Surprise

When I heard that, right away I went on alert, but I was drunk and I had a beautiful 23 year old beside me. I’ll re-mention to you the fact that I was 17. I told her that she could most definitely have it, I couldn’t refuse such a lady, but of course I also said I needed the belt to keep my pants up and would give it to her at the end of the night. After that she got this big smile on her face and I saw that this was an easy entrance to get make-out out of it. So like any normal guy I reached over and we made-out while on our way to the club. When we came to the club, I thought about it, and I thought, “Fuck it, I’ll give her my buckle later. Maybe I’ll get a screw out of it.” By the way, the buckle was a Scarface ‘The World is Yours’ type, which cost me around $20 to buy. Twenty bucks to fuck a 23 year old sexy Cuban, why not?


Hustle Continues

Once we were in the line-up to the club, she asks me if I’d pay for her at the entrance. I didn’t give a shit about paying another $10, but what I knew was that these performers got into any club for free. Hotel workers had a whole system worked out with the clubs, so that means right there and then I realized she was definitely trying to hustle me. So what do I do? I fucking tell her I’ll be back in a minute. I go around the line-up and somehow get in front and end up getting into the club before everyone. Sneaky, sneaky, eh? Once I’m inside and finding other girls to get with, my friends finally make it in and tell me that she was looking for me and she was pissed. I really didn’t give a fuck. She wanted me to give her money for entrance (which she’d pocket) and then she wanted my belt? Fuck that I say. Pure Cuban hustle. So she finally sees me and comes up to me and starts talking shit, so I tell her that she can go fuck herself with her bullshit hustle. She starts saying, “What, what? I don’t understand what you say.” Convenient, eh? A minute ago she was fluent, but now for some reason she can’t understand me.

Anyways, I got a make-out out of it at least, and I ended up hooking up with another girl that night, so it wasn’t a loss at all. Through this story I just wanted to get across the fact that if you sense that a woman is trying to hustle you, you better not only notice it, but you should confront her if she gets out of line. Bitches can be sneakier than anyone. Just because they’re cute and they can flap their eyelashes shouldn’t fool you. You should always think about your own benefit and don’t be a fool that gets taken. Also, if you see she’s talking to you just because she’s getting free drinks out of it, right away you should call it quits. If the woman is in it for anything else than just to get to know you (or have sex with you), then she’s trying to use you. Try your best to flip it and use her instead, or if that’s not a possibility, just walk away from that bitch.

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  • Dex said:

    That’s one hell of a story. I like when you incorporate your own experiences into the get women series posts.

  • paul said:

    Interesting story, sexy pictures, great advice.

  • Deon said:

    lmao funny story!!!..the last line was classical!!! “just walk away from that bitch”

  • Al said:

    Great post. There is nothing but truth in this post(speaking from witness) if anybody knows the do’s and dont’s about getting women/girls. Its DEFINATELY Robby G. Hes pretty much taught me everything i knew and tis done me well, i still have a lot to learn so keep posting! once again, great post.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al, Good to see you here Al. I’m happy that all those random talks we’ve had actually served some use, and that I’ve realized that I can just put all those chats together into a blog lol.


  • Jillian Khuong said:

    I’m just starting to read your blogs robby… really funny but fuck, way to rat out us bitches!! haha

  • funny stories said:

    So you are enjoying the life ….grate post and nice pictures one of them is very sexy

  • Classy lady said:

    Read below!

  • Classy lady said:

    Well I think you wanted to use her as well, to me it looks like you were counting how much she was worth for sleeping with her. you are no better then her…Remember you always attract what you are.. when you change your results change!!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Classy lady: I wasn’t trying to use her. I thought she was genuinely interested in having a fun time, but when she brought on these hints that she wants this and that from me then it turned into her trying to use me for my money. I’m a guy on vacation, I was drunk, and she looked good, it was normal that I wanted to sleep with her. Obviously I’m not looking for a relationship with a Cuban performer who I would only see for that single week, so I really don’t see how I was trying to use her? When people sleep together that doesn’t mean the guy is using the girl, there is a mutual satisfaction involved, no?

    Btw thanks for your comment.

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