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Basics to Getting the Girl You Like

12 March 2010 2 Comments

There’s a girl I really like and I’m pretty sure she knows because
practically everyone at school knows. I’m good friends with her best friend
and she told me that the girl would like me if we spoke more. Only thing is,
this other guy flirts with her loads and she flirts back and he has
connections with her, i.e. lessons. I have none. So far he’s winning and to
make matters worse I am sort of really shy. And he isn’t. How can I make her
like me? My friend says that the girl I like doesn’t like this guy
(apparantly she told him and they are best friends) but they flirt so much!
It can’t be true.

Thanks for reading this and also I really enjoy and find your site useful,


Just becaue they flirt doesn’t mean that she necesserily likes him, otherwise there would probably be something between them by now. For some people, flirting comes naturally and they don’t think nothing of it except that it’s just their way of communicating. The fact that she knows you like her and haven’t approached her about it yet isn’t too good, because now she may think you’re not confident enough or too unsure of yourself to make the move. You need to step up your game is this case and make her want you rather than showing her that she can have you if she wants. However, it’s really good that you are friends with her best friend, because you can use that to your advantage. Know, however, that you should really be filter what you say to her best friend because she surely goes and tells her what you think about her. Going with what you’ve told me, I want to illustrate an example of what I would do in your situation.

What Would Robby Do?

First, I wouldn’t stress the fact that there’s another guy in the mix that she may or may not like and I would completely ignore that he exists. I would talk to the friend who is also best friends with the girl you like and I would make certain hints that you’re quite indifferent to the girl and your feelings towards her have subsided. I’d do this very indirectly and make it seem like it doesn’t even bother me. In fact, you can also say that there’s another girl you met somewhere (at the mall or whatever) and you really hit it off. She seems like a cool girl but you don’t know if you’re too interested in her either. This message will most likely go on to the girl you like and she will realize that you’ve moved on. Then after a few days or during the weekend, I would suggest that we go out as a group somewhere. In this case, you, the mutual girl friend, and the girl you like. This will be the moment to shine. Once we’d be out, that’s when I would try to abolish any type of shyness out of the way and use the opportunity to get her to like me. And once we’re talking, I would say something like, “So how’s that guy you’re always with? You two make a cute looking couple, are you dating?” This would show that I notice her but I’m not jealous and in fact just poking fun a little bit at their situation. And then when she’ll reply something like, “No, we’re just friends.” Make it sound like you didn’t know and are kind of surprised but then say something like, “Well, if you’re not seeing anyone, I guess no one would mind if I asked you out for drinks sometime?” And if she has even the slightest interest then she will accept the offer. If she makes up an excuse, just tell her, “It’s just a friendly drink. Don’t think it’s something serious, I don’t even know you too well.” Smile and get her phone number to call her a few days later. If, however, she asks if you like her or if the rumors that you like her are true, just brush it off saying, “Well, I think you’re good looking, but I don’t know you well enough to really like you, you know?”

You really have to try to come off as someone smooth rather than someone desperate who really will be crushed if she refuses you. When you’re around her, don’t be afraid to treat her like a friend who you’re free to poke fun at sometimes, who you can joke around with, rather than make her feel like she’s some princess who you’re willing to give everything to. If you act like you’re chasing her, you’ll never get her, but if you play it like you’re indifferent if you get her or not then she’ll be the one coming onto you. Also, try spending more time with her, but don’t lock yourself into a fantasy. View and treat her the way you would anyone else. Do not try to impress her or do any of those things that will show her that you like her. You follow this plan and I’m sure she’ll come around and you’ll at least get yourself that first date that you wanted.


  • Harold said:

    Robby, thank you so much, your advice is really great and I appreciate your response and how quickly you replied. I’m going to make a big effort now, not to be desperate, but someone smooth and laid back.

    Once again, thank you very much, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes 🙂

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Harold: Definitely try and out and fill me in on the progress. Acting desperate is one of the biggest flaws men make when it comes to getting the girls they like, so keep in mind that it’s the ones who seem indifferent to the situation that usually succeed. Good luck, mate.

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