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23 November 2008 3 Comments

Shop At BPONG.COM Today!In this post I’m gonna tackle two shites I like with one hit. Firstly, I’ve gotta mention that I like to drink. I’m no alcoholic… by Russian standards, but Canadians have their own standards which I don’t categorize myself under. I’ll drink pretty much any alcoholic beverage out there, but when I’m eating dinner or just relaxing, I’d like to have a few pints. So that’s some first shite I’d like to mention here: brew. Second, is definitely ping-pong. I’ve been playing that shite since forever and until I sold my house and got rid of the table along with it, I haven’t played again until a few weeks ago at a mate’s office. Anywho, how do I fit brew and ping-pong together in this post? Simple: Beer-pong.


I’d like to share with you there’s nothing better to wake up in the afternoon, go to the fridge and grab yourself a nice cold one. That’s one of the best things about waking up. Wow, I really did sound like an alcoholic in that one. Well, it’s not like I do that  everymorning, only on the mornings when I’m not suffering from a hangover… kidding. So now that you know I enjoy my brew, I’d like to talk a little more about beer-pong. It’s a fun beer game to play when you have an urge to play ping-pong and get hammered at the same time. And I know it’s an urge that cannot be quenched by any means other than beer-pong (or B-pong). 


I don’t know who invented the game or when, but I definitely know why, and that’s pretty obvious and self-explanatory. Now I’ve posted a video I found on the rules of B-Pong, and they did a pretty decent job with the explanation.




Funny thing is, I actually found a site that takes Beer-Pong to the next level. This site actually has the necessary gear to play true Beer-Pong and they’re even hosting the IV World Series of Beer-Pong in Las Vegas. Now I thought I was a serious B-Pong player, but compared to these hooligans I’m a novice. They have some fancy shite for sale, but the only thing I don’t like about them is that they also sell shot glasses. This is supposed to be a strictly B-Pong site and they got shot glasses? I’m all up for drinking spirits, but c’mon now fellas, don’t mix B-Pong with Zulu Warrior.


Oh by the way, here’s The Door’s track that’ll get your spirits high for morning drinking.




Cheers to Me Drunkaholic Mates!




  • Brad said:

    Jim Morrison is pretty random here, well apart from the “woke up this morning…” lyrics which are amazing but cool post Robby.

  • Deon said:

    I’m not going to lie. I was like what stupid shit is Beer-Bong. But after watching the video it looks like fun!! I would try that with my friends but they would probably be like its too much work. Plus we really aren’t beer drinkers, although I do like my Stella every once in a while.

    It’s all about tequila shots!!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Deon, Once you get into Beer-Pong, it’s really fun. Even though tequila was definetely some shite I liked at one point, I really really went too far with it while on the first day of vacation in Cuba. Well there were enough straight shots of dark rum involved after the tequila, but you get the point. Rum and coke is a bloody fine drink, I must say though. Probably my top choice.

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