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Best Way To Get Over Him/Her Results

17 July 2009 No Comment

The results for the question I asked a few weeks ago are in. I asked What you thought the best way to get over your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and 52% said to Date other People. Then as you can see the runner-up was Find a Hobby (27%), then to Drink your sorrows away (13.7%), and finally at last place was to Isolate and Block Yourself from Society for a Given Time (6.9%).fuck buddy, graph, get over your ex And what do all of these results mean? Well they mean that different people tend to overcome their heartbreak in various ways.

But why did most people choose to Date Other People?

Clearly, when someone you still have feelings for breaks-up with you, you don’t know what to do with yourself. You don’t feel like doing much, that’s for sure, but if you go to someone for advice, they would most likely tell you that the best way to forget about your ex is by finding someone new. That’s what they call Rebound Dating. You basically go for the next available partner that will have you. You still fantasize about your ex, but slowly and surely this new partner of yours begins to have an impact on your life and you begin to slowly forget about your ex. The problem with Rebound Dating is that it usually doesn’t last long and the other person may feel used because you’re generally going out with them simply to cure your blues more than have a genuine, healthy relationship. Would I advise dating other people to overcome the feelings you had for your ex? I would have to advise against it, because the entire dating process constantly reminds you of your ex, and then you begin to compare your new interest with your previous. And we all know that you will never allow your new partner measure up to the false memory you and your ex shared.

What Would Robby G Do?

I would try my best to completely forget about my ex. Do anything that will keep my mind off her or anything that reminds me of her. So I would have to choose to find a hobby, completely focus on it, and make sure it’s a hobby with some extreme element to it so I could get all of my anger out in it. Kickboxing or weight-lifting or rugby would all be good. This way the pain that may transgress into resentment or aggression you feel inside could be used to push yourself to performing well in extreme sports. Personally, I try to make my ex a total bitch in my mind and try to make myself believe that she’s completely not worth it, and all of that newly experienced anger just helps me work out with bigger weights and take down bigger guys in physical sports. Drinking and sulking over her is not the way to approach a hard break-up, unless of course it’s the first few days or so and that seems to be the only way you feel you can go through the day. But then you need to really quit that and focus your energy on something more beneficial to you. And at night when you’re feeling lonely, don’t bring out that bottle of whiskey and the Ray Charles album, but pop a bottle of Champaign and go out for a night of partying. Get trashed, have fun, meet new girls for a one night stand, and see where that takes you. Focus on the positives. Now you’re free from the restrictions your ex posed on you and you can do whatever you’d like.

What’re your thoughts on the subject?

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