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1 December 2008 14 Comments

Bikes, that’s right, bikes are part of the shite I like list. No, I’m not talking about big fuck-off motorbikes like choppers, low-riders, or cruisers, I’m talking about the old-fashioned two-wheel, a hand bar, and pedals type bikes. I’ve noticed a lot of people in North America have stopped riding bikes as much as they used to or should. In Europe they’re still ridden around because of the size-scales of the cities, but in North America they’re quite underrated. And with gas prices as high as… well, fucking high–it’s best to ride bikes. I’m not gonna go into the history of bikes and all that shite in this post, what I will say though is that bikes aren’t just efficient ’cause they don’t take gas, but they’re fun to ride and it’s healthy for ya. Only problem that arises with owning and riding a bike, however, is this rubbish weather. Living somewhere like Florida or Cali on the other hand would be nice if you’re a bike owner. That’s really the perfect climate for bikers.

And biking isn’t just cool if you’re going about with your daily activities. If you’re not a lazy shite, you can go out mountain biking. Or if you’re not into the craziness of mountain biking, you can always just cruise while having a smoke and/or drinking a cold one. Anywho, even though it saves the environment and all that shite, I’m not one of those Green freaks that’s into saving trees and all that bullshite. I like urbanization. But besides that, if you are into treehugging and all that, then that’s another great reason to ride bikes instead of Hummers and GMCs.

Now even though I’m talking about how much I like bikes right now, I’m a hypocrite. I ride a 5.9 Litre engine Jeep Cherokee myself. However I hate that SUV and really need to get rid of it, but right now my financial position can’t allow me to do that. Plus I’ll just sell it off right before I move to Europe and then I’ll be riding bikes all day and night. Plus recently in my home city of Toronto, some man was arrested for stealing bikes and they found over 2300 bikes in this fucking bastard’s hideout place. So it’s sometimes not even worth getting new bikes if ‘s they’re gonna end up being stolen every other week. He had more bikes than most retail warehouses. Now that’s messed up.

But anywho, just getting on your bike on a warm day with your headphones playing some chilling Bob Marley beats, and you start cruising down to wherever the road takes you–that’s a fun experience that a lot of people have forgotten about. Smoke a cigar on the way or just enjoy the cool wind in your hair. It’s all part of the great outdoors experience. Better than being couped up at home watching pop idols and reality show stars living their own lives, which for some reason seems more entertaining than your own. Bullocks to that. It’s your life, live it how you want and try to enjoy everyday of it. In fact, don’t even waste your time reading this blog, it’s just some rubbish about shite that some fucker (me) likes and decides to share with the over-populated world. Go on, jog on, and live your life.



  • Dorian said:

    Never looked at bikes like that actually, I like the last part with the example. Very true people need to live their life and riding bikes can be a hell of a fun time.

  • Clare said:

    I know that me actually commentating takes away from me going and living my life because reading this shite isn’t really important, but it’s actually very entertaining and part of living my life. So cheers to you and keep this shite up!!

  • Kisha said:

    How did you know this is what I was doing over the weekend? LOL. Riding a bike is relaxing and fun and great exercise.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Kisha, I wish I could say that I did the same this weekend, but this Canadian weather really doesn’t allow me to. Actually, maybe I’ll dress up warmly and try it out anyways. 🙂

  • reggae-man said:

    Nice vibes out u site, bless u Jah. Tnx!

  • rasta said:

    A good site! What is the name of u theme? I want the same)

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @rastaman vibrations, I couldn’t locate the link to my theme but I found one that I’m thinking to changing to. It’s as boss as this one. http://www.templates-free.com/wordpress-themes/casino-life/361/

    Tvaya website toje ne plohaya ya viju. Davai, enjoy shto ya paslal’ bratishka. Ne zabivai zaskakivat’ suda inagda. Respect.

  • Rajbir D said:

    Ahhh, I thought this would be about motorcycles.

    I got a couple nice bikes anyways.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Rajbir D: Well I still hope you enjoyed the post. I don’t own a motorcycle myself yet, but definitely in the near future I’ll get one. You suggest a specific bike? Which type do you find most fun (sport bikes, touring, or cruising)?

  • Chester said:

    Get a Harley. They look great, sound great, ride great. And if you want a chick-magnet…. there’s nothing like riding a 600-pound vibrator. Ladies who have ridden, feel free to testify.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    Thanks. Once I make myself a little bit more money, I’m definitely gonna look into a Harley. Thing is I’m moving to Holland and thinking of getting something there, but I don’t think a big machine like a Harley would be too good there. Maybe a sports bike for Holland, and then once I return get that chick-magnet you’re talking about.

  • dyrell said:

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  • Rosie Khan said:

    gas prices are still on the rise today, we should go Alternative Fuel`,-

  • Pedestal Table · said:

    gas prices will always increase that is why we should focus on alternative energy sources ..

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