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BlackBerry Storm

23 February 2009 9 Comments

I’m sitting here right now in my Philosophy of Law tutorial, hearing people discuss Feminisim, and damn I’m bored. So while these people talk about why male lawyers receive more money than female lawyers statistically, I’m thinking about my own financial situation. And what’s more terrifying than that is my male T.A just mentioned he sees himself as a feminist. What’s the world come to. Anywho though, today I don’t want to discuss feminism nor do I want to discuss money–not discussing money, Robby, are you sick today? You might be asking. But no, I want to share my thoughts on my BlackBerry Storm.

The Blackberry Storm was created to compete against the Iphone. A few weeks ago a telemarketer called me from Telus and offered me a good deal on cellphone plan and so I went ahead and switched to Telus from Rogers, getting them to throw in the Storm for $250. I previously had an LG Shine and it was definitely time for an upgrade, so I thought why not and take the Telemarketer’s advice. I used to be a telemarketer at one point in my life and decided to help her out and let her earn a commission. Anywho, I never owned an Iphone but played on one many times, so I’m not the best person to say if it’s better or worse than the Storm. If you want to know the difference between the two phones, check this link out. I like the Storm but if you were to go out and get it now, I advise against it. It’s still got a few glitches that need to be fixed that Rogers will create free applications that will solve those problems and come out with a BlackBerry Thunder, which is basically the exact same thing as a Storm, just without the current problems.

Now, time to mention the stuff I like about the Storm:

For one, it’s touchscreen, which is something I really like about it. And what’s cool about it is when you need to press on something, you actually click on the screen. You click on it like you press down on your computer’s mouse. I find that extremely helpful when you’re typing a message. It doesn’t have way too many third party applications yet, but give it time and it’ll have it soon. Also, it has a 3.2MP video and photo camera which allows you to take fantastic photos when you go on trips. You can read, edit, copy, and paste Microsoft Office documents, which is perfect for businessmen. The main reason I bought it though was its capability to be used globally. It comes with a GSM international SIM card that I just need to plug in and I’m good to go with the same phone number in Amsterdam, where I’m going to be moving to for a year in 6 months time. The only thing I don’t like is it cannot connect through Wi-Fi, which is a big minus in my view, but then again I just ended up getting a plan that included unlimited internet access. All in all, even though I played around with the Iphone to compare with my Storm, the Iphone is a much more fun phone to have. But if you’re a businessman who has fun by buying tools like Aston Martins rather than playing PacMan on your Smartphone, than the Storm is the phone for you. Better yet, as I’ve said, just wait a few months and get yourself the BlackBerry Thunder.


  • Dan said:

    Very cool post. Blackberry has always been more for the business world. I’m happy with my iphone but I’d like to check out the Storm/Thunder too.

  • Sales Outsourcing said:

    i love the blackberry storm, there is just something about a touch screen and blackberry’s tried and true systems behind it that i can’t get enough of.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    Now that I’ve had my Storm for a few months, I’m loving it. Finding out different new minor features I haven’t known about before. Also they came out with the BlackBerry App center now that has a bunch of great apps. The only thing I don’t like is the tilt-sensitivity of it. IPhone has games based on the tilt alone, but I’m hoping some software upgrade will be launched sometime soon for the Storm.

  • Nakisha said:

    a friend of mine just got this phone. They look like fun to play with but I don’t know about them. Might just have to play with other people’s phone for awhile, lol

  • faxless payday loans said:

    The blackberry storm is far better than the Iphone. It has really convient apps and is easy to use.

  • Probably Sucks said:


    What the fuck? You had an LG Shine? That’s a girls phone. I am seriously disappointed in you right about now.

    We need to have an intervention.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Probably Sucks: In my defense, I got that phone for free…. well “got” isn’t the appropriate word here, it was more like I found… well shit, “found” isn’t the right for here either. Fuck it, you know I how I came across acquiring it. Fun times, fun times. No joke though I do smile.

  • blackberry review said:

    you are seriously the first case I have heard of that people actually listen to telemarketers. I always figured everyone just hangs up on them, but apparently it works!

    Yes the Blackberry Storm is awesome. These things are really turning into an interesting piece of technology.

  • Loan Administration said:

    My sister owns one of these. She lend it to me for a week and I really loved it. So I decided to buy one myself. Really suits my lifestyle.

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