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Blind to You Haters

8 April 2009 7 Comments

On your path to success there’s going to be many people that will undermine you, that will try to stop your drive, and will overall keep hating on your progress until you fail. Depending on each individual, they have a certain limit of how much hate they can withtake until they give in to the hate and quit and fail. Whenever you try to accomplish something new that someone else never thought about doing or if you’re following your talent into a market that very few people could ever penetrate, there are going to be lots of people around you that will try to tell you about everyone else’s failures and will tell you things like “What makes you think you’re so special that you think you’ll succeed?” or “Oh that’s stupid. It’ll never work.” The key to success is to feed off their hate to reach newer heights. And believe it or not, those same haters will praise and revere you when you do become a success.

Hating On My Shite

I think because of the harsh topic I blog about (becoming a Boss while conniving your way to getting women) I tend to get a lot more disagreeing and hateful comments than most other bloggers that either blog about blogging or blog about their daily activities. Because I give my opinion and advice on becoming an Alpha-male, which more times than not are advice that may seem somewhat contradictory to the “perfect citizen” as drilled into the minds of consumers, I tend to get many haters that keep trying to hold my opinions to myself and to stop blogging. When I first read those type of comments I get pretty angry sometimes, but then after a second read I smile and enjoy the fact that someone was so angry with my advice that they decided to go on and waste their time typing out their hateful thoughts and submitting them to me. Those people that rather spend their time hating are those same exact bitter people that you see in the streets burning ants with a magnifying glass mumbling things under their breath, getting pissed off when they see that their neighbor got a new luxury car.

Smile and Nod

I was watching some reality show the other day when a contestant was booted home, he went crazy and started to hate on other contestants and even ended up fighting one. There was a funny European fella on the show who just kept smiling at the remarks, making the hater get even angrier. With that said, I wanted to demonstrate that when someone is hating on you it’s best to sit back, relax, smile and nod. This makes the hater even angrier and since you’re not feeding his need to engage in a full-blown argument, he’ll eventually subside. But then again, if he gets a little bit too out of hand, for example, if he decided to approach you and physically harm you, it’s advisable to simply lay a nice punch to the jaw, laying him down neatly on the carpeted floor.

Run the Show

When you’ve decided to reach a certain goal, the most important thing that should be on your mind is to accomplish that goal. I don’t want to say that you should try and achieve that goal through any means necessary, but one thing I will say is that you should never give up your goal because of haters. Remember, just like your job is to become the biggest Boss, the haters job is to become the biggest hater. There is difference between constructive criticism which will allow you to re-evalute some of your decisions and will allow you to improve your actions on your path to success and between hate which is only there for the sole purpose of bringing you down. So make sure you unerstand that difference, take advantage of useful constructive criticism and completely destroy your haters by proving them wrong through your actions and by achieving that exact thing they claimed you wouldn’t. So whatever you choose to accomplish make sure you’re prepared to face these haters and make sure you have enough passion and heart for your goal that those hateful comments won’t get to you and you transcend beyond them.


  • Indough said:

    Collie Buddz inspired title–Nice! Thanks for the advice, its very motivational and it’s good that people are hating on your blog because that just means you’re growing in readers and achieving something which means people actually care enough about your opinion to start hating.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Indough: Collie Buddz has great tracks and yeah I titled it after his song. Also I’m hoping you’re right that people are hating because my opinions have importance. Bah, it doesn’t even matter to be honest, I’m going to keep stating my opnions and advice because I see they help at least some people and if I can do that then I’m happy about those opinions. The haters are just there to get their voice heard but only try to let out negative vibes. If I’m helping even 1 person with my advice then it’s worth it for me.

  • Drake said:

    I like the smile and nod approach. It’s stupid to get wound up when people hate on you. I like that line: “transcend beyond them.” That’s most important. It might be hard to sometimes know what qualifies for hate and what is constructive criticism but if you understand how you can learn from people trying to help you then you have a much bigger advantage than your competition who ignores any sort of criticism.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Drake: It’s true what you said about the competition. If you can master innovating yourself from constructive criticism while your competition fails to do so, you gain the ability to go much further than your rival.

  • Al said:

    This is the worst shite ever, in fact, your whole blog is shite! It sucks, your not goign anywhere, just quit!!!! Geez… lol Great Post. I Think EVERYONE feels the pressure of haters. It’s funny how sometimes they will hate over nothing just to hate. I love it! lol I LOVE how they try so hard and spend so much effort on trying to bother me.. Doesn’t that make you feel good? lol Again.. Nice post…Keep em coming and let the haters have a feeding frenzy..

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: Love the comment! Thank you haha.

  • walter said:

    nicely put! very impressed

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