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22 January 2009 6 Comments

Since I’ve decided to change the course of this blog a little towards giving advice on boss living, I want this first post since the transformation be about Boss Mentality. Just like in my dating advice in Fundamental Rules to the Game, where I discussed the mentality a man should have when it comes to dating, there’s also a type of mentality you should learn and perfect to be a Boss. There’s even rules to how you should perceive different things in life. I’ll jump right into it.

No Matter Age, Creed, or Color

You’ve gotta truly believe you’re the Boss. It doesn’t matter what your age, creed, or color is, if you’ve got your mind set that you’re the Boss, then you’ve already taken the first step into transforming into a Boss. This also can be interpreted another way as well. It also doesn’t matter what age, creed, or color anyone else is when it comes to someone disrespecting you. If you feel like someone crossed the line, no matter who they are, you’ve gotta put them in their spot. I’m not talking about attacking dumb kids that don’t know what they’re saying, I’m saying have enough pride and respect for yourself to stand up for yourself against anyone that doesn’t seem to be showing you the respect you want.

Always Think First

Every time someone says or does something, you should always think what your response will be. Don’t act like a clown and laugh about everything anyone will throw your way, but take a moment and think your next words or actions through. Firstly, when a person sees you’re being serious and are actually taking your time with your response, they see that you’re actually considering what that person has said to have importance, this in turn will change the way they will talk to you.

Keep Your Emotions to Yourself

When someone sees that you’re always smiling and happy, or you’re always grim, they’ll always talk to you or about you in the way they perceive you. However, if you’re able to master hiding your emotions and just act smooth and content, then people will always view you as a mystery. This way you keep people guessing at what you might be thinking and thus they’ll not only respect you more, but they’ll be careful around you. That’s a great feeling when the people around you (not talking about friends) are cautious with what they say to you and how they act when they’re around you because they are afraid that they don’t know how you may react to it. When people are able to read you easy, they tend to use that knowledge to their advantage. They might disrespect you within the limits, knowing you won’t do anything. However, if they have some doubt, then they’ll think twice before saying what they were going to say initially.

I don’t want to say too much in this post because I want you to actually start thinking a little bit more in the way I just discussed. Too much info right now can just defeat the entire point of this blog now, so in future posts I’ll put more emphasis on Boss type mentality.


  • The boss said:

    well you finally started posting on my type of living…thats what im talking about, i hate these fucking clowns that go around smiling like they’re the happiest person in the fucking world and then those people are really the most fucked up people, juts gotta be a boss and stare some fuckers down yaa hearrddd me

  • Tim said:

    I would say manner as well.
    Also, splitting bills in a restaurant with a woman is not a great idea as a gentleman.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Tim: Who said anything about bitches in this post? This is purely about Boss mentality.

  • Spoonman said:

    Took me about three years to figure out what you posted. Being a boss is an internal psychological game. You need to know that you know your shit,and expect others to do what you say. That’s being the boss.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Spoonman: That’s exactly what I’m trying to get across. My next post is going to focus in on some more tactics to achieve Boss Mentality such as confidence and being concise in what you want. Just like you said, ‘you need to know that you know your shit’ and then everyone else will truly believe in it.

  • Good said:

    This shite is good. I usually do not post blog comments but today I will do so because I have extracted quite a number (uncountable) wisdom from this blog. Awesome job Robby G.
    .-= Good´s last blog ..Avatar 2009 Movie Review =-.

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