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Boss Muzak

2 February 2009 4 Comments

I don’t know exactly why, but I always call music ‘muzak’ when I’m talking about it, so I decided why not write it exactly how I say it. Now we’ve got that out of the way, I’d like to mention what qualifies as Boss Muzak. I believe I’ve written before that I’m a very open-minded person and really enjoy music from every genre. I don’t care if it’s Jazz, Blues, Rap, Rock ‘N Roll, Retro, or even Classical muzak, if I enjoy it, then I’ll listen to it. It really all depends on my mood. However, the most important thing that muzak has to do is motivate me. I make decisions based on my mood. For example, one day I’ll be feeling like I need to save my money and stop spending on random shite and will actually deny myself from getting Harvey’s instead of Mickie D’s just to save an extra two bucks. And then there’d be days where I just don’t give a fuck and feel like buying myself something just because I’m in the ‘I only live once’ mentality and will go and buy myself a BlackBerry Storm, which I did the other day. The messed up thing is that these moods are single days a part and my bank account balance is the same on both days, it’s just one day I’m feeling conservative and on the other I feel careless. I think they call that Bipolar disorder, but who really listens to physicians, right?

Anywho, what I’ve learnt over the years is that muzak has a big influence on my mood, and it’s really best to listen to muzak (or music) that’ll make you feel the way you want: in this case, Boss. Now if you’re like me and really money-oriented, I suggest listening to muzak that’ll drive you to wanna make monies. I’ve figured that Rap gives me the biggest motivation. For example, Young Jeezy’s Recession or Rick Ross’ Port of Miami. I’m really against Rick Ross for being a Correctional Officer and everything and bullshitting everyone into believing he was a hustler, but I’ll be honest his CD is seriously motivational.

Now, when I chill back and want to relax, some Boss muzak I’ll vibe to could be anything from 80s Retro Scarface Soundtrack (‘Push it to the Limit’ is top notch) to something like Koop Islands CD. Bob Marley or any other chilled out Reggae performers such as Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh or Third World are fantastic artists to relax to. Then there is a time of week that I really hate and love at the same time, and that’s when I think about someone special that I still refuse to write a full blog post about. Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak really hits the spot as well as a lot of different Blues such as B.B King or the great Ray Charles. That muzak really does wonders at times.

However when I’m in my high spirit ‘not giving a f.u.c.k’ moods and when the sun is shining, I blast The Doors in my shite box and cruise the freeway not caring where I’m going.

What I really want you to get out of this post is that Boss Muzak really has to be motivation, but it really depends on what your motives are in that certain period of time. You can’t overdo any genre. Listening to Jeezy all day would just kill me because it’d be an overload of purely wanting to hustle 24/7. Then again listening to Heartbreak muzak would keep me depressed all day. So it’s important to find a fine balance between different types of tracks to listen to and keep your mind open to all kindsa shite.


  • Al said:

    Nothing motivates me more then jeezy and rick ross talking about getting money but I always consider blues and jazz as boss music. I just feel so, at ease and happy in a way when im listening Ray Charles, and jazz is just such rich bossy music lol.

  • Attsh said:

    the recession ALBUM OF THE YEAR

  • Jeff said:

    @Attsh: you’re 100% right. Going to be hard to top it for Young.

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