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Boss Wine List

18 January 2009 6 Comments

Now as I sit here thinking about a new post to write while sipping on my red wine, I thought, why not write about some shite I really like, and wine popped into my head. Well, it popped into my head both as an idea and as a tipsy sensation. Bob Marley is playing in the background only adds to this whole blogging thing. As I’ve outlined in Drinking in the New Year! post, I’m a big fan of drinking. However, I used to be more into vodka, beer, rum, tequila, and a few other hard drinks. Only recently have I stumbled upon the enjoyment of wine. I used to drink to get drunk before, but now I can just chill out, have a few glasses of wine, and that way I even enjoy my days better. Stress relief.

Oh, the time I started drinking wine was at around the same time I got into my summer fling/relationship of ’08. This girl I was dealing with was wealthy, so she took me around to the best places and always ordered the top-notch wines. 300– 400– 500 dollars a bottle, didn’t matter. I even got into the whole gentleman-spin-the-wine-in-the-glass-and-taste-a-little thing where I’d have to do before allowing the waiter to leave the wine at our table in the cooler. At first I didn’t know what to look for in the wine and really didn’t care, but as they say, ‘it’s easy to get used to good things,’ so I did. I never sent any wine back, I used to work as a waiter and know not to ever bother them with stuff like that. I still feel that way to this day. Even if the bottle isn’t as good as I hoped it to be, fuck it, drink it anyways and order another one of some different shite if you’re still in the drinking mood.

My top choice of wine right now would have to be Rosé. More specifically, out of all the Rosé wines I’ve tried, I really liked White Zinfandel most. I believe it’s a Californian wine. I wish I was drinking that instead of some random bottle of red wine I found lying in the kitchen cabinet of my home ten minutes ago. White Zinfandel goes extremely well with desserts or any other sweets, but I wouldn’t really recommend it with steak. Most people enjoy red wine with meat, but I personally like to drink white wine with meat. You can say what you want, but I like to drink Riesling Black Tower white wine when I’m eating a delicious meat entré. I believe that it’s a German wine, and to my surprise it’s not even that expensive for a bottle. It tastes great and it’s cheaper than most of the ones I’ll name here.

Then comes another great bottle that I tried for my first time on this New Years called Stringy Bark Creek. It was Australian Shiraz wine. I think I killed a bottle and a half on my own beside the fireplace. It’s something you’ve gotta try to understand how good it is. I honestly can’t believe I’m writing about wine right now, because it’s totally contradictory to my lifestyle. I usually dread that upper-class fancy “let’s talk about wine” rich talk, but I guess as I’ve mentioned before in life, even though you may be a hooligan, it don’t mean you gotta run around smashing people for the fuck of it while eating Mickie D’s and drinking Grolsche’s all day. You can still have class. I guess if you’d ask me what defines a Boss, I’d say “Being the smoothest man in the room, but when it comes down to it all he’s also the most bout it motherfucker in that bitch.”
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There’s companies online that will actually deliver wine right to your doorstep. I found a few but the two top-quality ones that seem like the best choices accordingly are: my highly advised first choice “Wine Messenger“, and my close second “Signature Wines“. If you’re as big a fanatic as I am of wine, I’d also advise getting yourself a nice wine storage facility where you can keep your wines good and ready on their rack whenever you’re ready for another bottle in the morning, afternoon, or evening– anytime you prefer. I don’t judge.

Keep the glasses ringing! Cheers!


  • Obi said:

    Boss wine list! I like.

  • Karl said:

    I’ve tried all those wines except String Black creek. Will try it next time I get wine. thanks for the suggestion

  • Mighty Mark said:

    It’s true about the hooligans not having to act restless all the time. i like your definition of being ‘boss’. being bout it when you need to without really having to show off. that sounds about right Robby. Keep it boss 🙂

  • Attah said:

    EHH boss i dont know wtf ur talkin about i would rather have a shot of tequilla than any of those wines u just stated. put away that bottle of White Zinfandel away n pop that goose BOSS!

  • The boss said:

    OYE mr.attah i dont kno about tequila bro i fuck around with that Guinness….its the SHITE!

  • Very Evolved said:

    And what wine would you recommend would compliment the smooth flavor of a Guinness chaser?

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