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[7 Nov 2009 | 9 Comments | ]

A wise man once said to me ‘never drink wine from a screw top bottle, respect your elders and take your time looking for love’
Post 1/3
The latter part being the most prominent for me. My name is Adam, founder and author of the male interest blog blokebuddy.com and today I’m going to give you some of the most valuable dating advice my experience can offer.
OK so you have seen a woman at work, met someone online or you fancy the checkout girl at your local store, and you want to …

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[5 Nov 2009 | 37 Comments | ]

For those who may not know, Hank Moody is the main character of the show Californication, and if you really want I gave a short review about him and the show in this link. Now for those who do know something about Hank, is that he is the smoothest person you’ll ever see with the ladies on television these days. I noticed five characteristics about him that distinguishes him from many, many men in society who try to get women. And in all honesty, even when you read books about “the game” …

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[1 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

I want to ask this guy to go out with me. How should I ask him?

I received this very simple question from a reader the other day and though I saw the simple form the question was written in compared to the leangthy questions with background information I tend to get, this one is much harder to answer and needs much more time than any of those. To get straight to the point, there are variety of ways a woman can ask a guy to go out with her and …

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[24 Oct 2009 | 21 Comments | ]

I’m not a disabled caterpillar and I’m not dying.
At least not at any more than any other healthy 24-year-old human.
So why do people treat my relationship status as something that must be fixed or treated?
“Any new guys in your life..?” – Friend
“Nah, not really.. kinda focusing on work and..” – Me
“Ahh.. well.. you should meet my friend James! He’s great.. he likes to drink and stuff…” – Friend
Welcome to my life.
I’ve been on the dating scene for over two years now. And during that time, I have:

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[18 Oct 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Here is an email I got from a reader recently:
How do you get rid of someone you just met or hooked up with, and you have told them that you don’t want a relationship? Of course you can ignore them, but that makes you look like a dick. Saying your too busy or I don’t think it’s a good idea to hang out usually makes the other person mad. Saying, “lets just be friends”
usually ends with the other person taking you up on that offer and I don’t like that …

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[14 Oct 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

I’m usually a pessimist and I really suck at the whole girly cosmo reading
mind control thing. Here’s the situation; I really like this guy he’s got
everything I’m looking for, literraly and he and I have pretty much the same
taste in everything and the things I don’t know but always have wanted to
know,(surfing, motorcycles, snowbording, ect.) he can teach me. He and I
have been intimate before and he doesn’t screw a chick he couldn’t be
interested in. This he’s said and his friends have confirmed it on numerous
occasion. He and I talk …

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[12 Oct 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Hi Robby,
I have read some of your advise columns and find them =b very helpful. I
asked several of my guy frineds this question and coming from an outsider
that dosent know me it would be the upmost influential.
I left my fiance over a year plus months ago and the fuckbuddy left his
girlfriend almost the same time. We have been sleeping together for that
year plus and have had a lot of fun as well as I have gotten to know him
better as a person. I love him to death and would do …