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[15 Feb 2011 | One Comment | ]

So my FB is also my boss. Yes, it’s as hot as you think! It all happened
so fast but we click. We spent a night together and after he told me he had
a gf for 6years. I know I shouldn’t continue this but the sex is amazing!
We have great role plays, click with our fetishes, click with personalities,
and excite each other all day long. The problem, I think I might be falling
for him and I think he is too. He writes me and says, “Honey I miss you”
or will leave …

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[9 Feb 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

Please! Hey Robby G. So I´ve had this fuck buddy for about 8 months. He
sleeps over a couple of times a week, we have amazing sex and we have a lot
of fun together. Problem is he´s best friends with my ex, who actually
cheated on me and ended getting together with that girl. They are still
together and have been for a couple of years now! But my ex called me and
begged for my forgiveness all of last year. I never told fuck buddy about
this, but I guess my ex, being friends …

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[23 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

I met a really great guy through an online dating site and we chatted online
EVERY evening; really hit it off. He seemed VERY keen, and pursued me, even
talking about how much he liked me etc. We met up one evening in a club and
spent the whole evening talking and kissing. He was still keen after this
date, saying he loved kissing me etc. I met up with him for a daytime date 2
days later and we had a great time, kissing and getting slightly more
physical, or so I …

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[11 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]

I’ve known this guy for years. I was always attracted to him but just a
couple of months ago started openly flirting with him. He showed some
interest as well, so we exchanged emails and started talking. When I asked
him what he wanted he said ‘sex’ and when I said I had no problem with that
he answered ‘but can you managed to not get attached’? I understood that he
just wanted to be fuck-buddies and I agreed since such an arrangement is
convenient for me as well.
Since we started seeing each other, however, he’s …

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[27 Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

Hi Robby,
I’m going to try to make this as short as possible. My ex boyfriend whom I
started dating more than 12 years ago while we were in high school, have a
baby together. We dated for 1 year in high school, he was my first, then he
cheated on me my senior year and we broke up. We didn’t speak for about 2
years then ran into each other. We immediately started fucking again at
least once a week, this went on for 5 years. We both had relationships with
other people meanwhile we never …

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[26 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]

There’s this guy i’ve been fbs with for about 8months. I’ve seen other
people and i know he has too. we dont talk too much about the others. we have
but usually dont. Before i explain i should tell you that in a way we both
have been called emotionally unavailable. We both prefer hook ups than gfs.
We have a lot in common especially our love for women. It was always
when-ever we were free which could be once a week, once a month or sometimes
longer. But for the past say month or so …

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[15 Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

Hey,your blog and advice is great so I thought I would your insight into my
I need your advice on how to win a FB back. Background:
He is married but that works well for me because it means that we can really
only be FBs. He’s a proper player because they have been together for 13
years but he has been unfaithful throughout. He claims he needs the
variation but there is also an obvious need for him to have his ego massaged
too. He loves attention and loves feeling wanted by women.
I met him …