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[22 Dec 2015 | One Comment | ]

Hi! I need advice. I have a friend, John. We met this year and we are really
great friends. We always had chemistry but he had a girlfriend. They broke up
three weeks ago and we had sex last week for the first time. I’m not a very
affectionate person, and it wasn’t planned. Anyway, I’m getting a lot of mixed
signals from him. He hates when I talk about my ex boyfriend (we broke up four
months ago) and he would be very distant for a few days and then suddenly he’s
all over me. …

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[8 Jan 2013 | No Comment | ]

If 2012 was a difficult year for you when it comes to relationships then why not take a new approach to dating? Sometimes a break from relationships can be a good thing so start 2013 by taking a step back and enjoy being single for a while. Give yourself a rest from the heartache and spend more time with your friends getting to know the real you. That doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun stuff though! Many young professionals who either don’t have time or …

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[12 Nov 2012 | No Comment | ]

Hey! I want to ask you for advice. Two and a half years ago I met a guy. We’ve
spent two weeks together but we’ve never seen each other again after that because
we live in a different countries. I didn’t fall in love with him and yet when I see his
picture, hear his name or just think of him, I feel butterflies in my stomach. I
don’t know what to do and how to forget him because he is everything I’ve ever
dreamed of and during the time we spent together he liked …

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[28 Jun 2012 | No Comment | ]

I noticed that some women on here are complaining about how unfair it is that men are called studs when they sleep around, yet women get called sluts for the exact same behavior. It’s actually not a double standard though, because both scenarios are pretty different in terms of circumstances and consequences. I can think of at least four crucial differences:
First, sleeping around is easier for women. Regardless of how you feel about promiscuity, we can all agree that a guy who manages to rack up a lot of sexual …

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[16 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]

A volume 2 before a volume 1? No, this is not a blog-style knock-off of a Tarantino movie (“love you hunni-bunny”), but simply a better way to indulge into a not so distant past before becoming disturbingly nostalgic about a girl that got away or some other unfortunate event such as that which only you can possibly care about.
Regardless of the circumstances and without getting too religion-oriented (atheists rejoice), the one cardinal sin that every single one among us is guilty of, and on a daily basis is lust. Yet …

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[18 Jan 2012 | One Comment | ]

Hola Robby,
I don’t know what to do about this on again off again situation I am in with
this guy and am interested in your opinion … I first met him 2 years ago
outside of a party over summer break in my hometown where we completely hit it
off. we had a lot of the same interests, music tastes and so forth and exchanged
numbers that night. I continued to hang out with him various times that summer,
all of which I would go with my friends to different parties his friends were
having but …

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[28 Dec 2011 | One Comment | ]

Hi, so glad I came across your website!
I neeeeeeeeed your help! I know there are similar type of posts about fuck-buddies,
but this is definitely unique. Okay so a few months ago I met this guy in a bar
and as I had a boyfriend at the time I didn’t make a move so we just had a bit
of a bantering back-and-forth type relationship over texting. A while after I
broke up with my boyfriend the texting became a little bit more heated. I’m 20
and he is only 17. After school one …