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Chronicles of Boss Living

21 January 2009 6 Comments


I was thinking about putting a little bit more focus on my blog rather than just talking about shite I like. I was thinking about transforming future posts into something the reader can benefit from and integrate into their everyday life. Just like the slogan to this blog says, Chronicles of Boss Living, I will give people advice, mostly applicable to men I presume, in how to lead a boss life. For example, I will focus my attention of shite I like that will be part of what it means to be boss and the shite that true bosses own and do on a daily basis.


Back to Basics

Now as I’ve outlined the definition of a Boss in my previous post as someone who is “Being the smoothest man in the room, but when it comes down to it all he’s also the most bout it motherfucker in that bitch.” So my future posts will be in the form of advice that I will give to people that want to be boss. People who want to be respected, who want to be enthralling, who want to stand out in a crowd, who want everyone around them to look up at them and aspire to want to have their skills, their talents, their easy-going way of lifestyle that just seems so goddamn smooth and effortless. Now that’s something that doesn’t come natural, but with guidance and a little bit work, it’s attainable. Even though a Boss makes things look easy, trust me, there’s lots that goes into appearing collected and trouble-free.


Help is Finally Here

I believe that without my previous posts I wouldn’t be able to really build myself to allowing you to believe that I have the credentials to give such advice. Because if you really look at it, these advice are somewhat life-altering. They will change you from the way you walk to the way you talk to the way you view yourself and others. If you haven’t gotten my Free Dating Advice eBook, I suggest you do, not only for their advice, but to get to know my style a little better and to see what kinda future Boss posts you’ll be getting into by reading my blog. This isn’t going to be so much of me babbling about how I like to have long facial hair, instead it’s going to be about me advising what style of hair or what style of facial hair is Boss to have to really give you a boost with your life both with the ladies and just in everyday life.

I’d really like to hear some comments on what people think of this new approach to this blog and let me know if they think I’m jumping the gun on this one or if they believe I’m suited for the job. Well, I guess people can’t really talk too much shite now because my advice haven’t yet been posted, but it’d still be interesting to get some feedback.


  • Ken said:

    I’m looking forward to this!!! boss!

  • Aldous said:

    life altering advice always good. i like the photo of the don having his ring kissed. pure boss

  • Steven said:

    look at sonny in the background thinking, damn my dad is pure boss hahaa. Just like Ken said, i’m looking forward to this. turning it into a real man’s blog i see. Great stuff.

  • Al said:

    if this turns out the way you described it than its going to be flawless, i think it would be good for people to be exposed to certain things like this, i think your boss posts will show people how to feel confident and powerful no matter what social status you are in. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE SOME TRUE-TO-LIFE STORIES. I KNOW ILL RECOGNIZE A COUPLE

  • Tim said:

    As i said, really great idea. But very time consuming, Im looking forward to reading the articles!

  • Ken Gobin said:

    Sounds like a self help book, boss!

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