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Don’t Be A Cock-Block

19 December 2008 7 Comments

My previous post in Get Women Series was about why you shouldn’t stress over females, and today I wanted to write a sequel to that post. I wanted to write this post from the point of view of cock-blocker. Now if you don’t know what a cock-blocker is, it’s someone that get’s in between a guy and a girl trying to get together, either by talking shite about either the girl or the guy, or by actually physically getting in between the two from getting together. In a way these are just pure haters who wish to be with the girl you’re with, but don’t have the ability the play the game as smoothly as you. I find that it’s really important not to be a cock-blocker, but it’s easier said than done. Sometimes you can actually inadvertadbly be a cock-blocker without actually wanting to be one, so you’ve gotta be careful at those times.

In My Experience

Couple of nights ago I walk into a lounge with two of my friends, (in fact they’re the same two guys I went to Cuba with… we go way back) and I noticed a girl that I knew. She was sitting there with another guy, and as I walked by their table, she looked up and noticed me as well. She got up and greeted with a smile, asking me how I was and all that bullshite, but then I looked over at the guy and I saw that this guy wasn’t too happy. He was probably in a middle of a sentence when she rudely got up to greet me, interupting him. So after I said I was fine, I right away said it was nice seeing her again, then I put my hand out to the guy, said my name, and was right back on my way to my a table my friends had picked out.

cock-blockWhat Would A Cock-Blocker Do

Now let’s see what a cock-blocker would have done differently from me in that same situation. A cock-blocker would definitely get jelous right away seeing this girl he knows sitting with a guy, while he came in with a couple of guy. Cock-blockers are self-conscious pricks. Then he’d be the first one to say hi with big grin on his face, and would right away engage in small talk. Please never do that. Don’t engage in small talk when a guy is trying to get with a girl. Sure, you’re a friend of hers, but let the man do what he’s gotta do and try to get some from that girl. If that cock-blocker is really serious about blocking that guy that night, then he might even suggest moving another table close to their and all sit together. Sounds rediculous, don’t it, but trust me, there are more than enough guys out there that do that shite. So make sure you’re not one of those guys, because nobody likes a cock-block. And think about it, you don’t even gain anything by being one. You’re just annoying the guy and you’re probably annoying the girl as well because she’s obviously on a date with this guy for a reason, and she more than likely doesn’t wanna be with you that night or else she would’ve called you instead of that fella.



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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Attah, I agree completely!

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  • Kisha said:

    I agree. Watching it from the woman’s POV is not fun, it’s uncomfortable.

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  • Al said:

    Cockblocks are the root of all evil! There are so many wasted nights and dats and money on dates ruined by cock blockers… like the new format btw.

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    Hello. And Bye. 🙂

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    very intresting

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