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Cologne Mix and Match

9 February 2009 13 Comments

Smelling good is essential for any Boss. Smelling good should be essential to everyone, but some people just don’t care about it. However, Boss’s shouldn’t only have a nice scent, but they should know what type of smell is right for what they’ll be doing that day. In my opinion every Boss should have four types of colognes. One should be for everyday, Monday-Thursday, running around doing their errands cologne. The second strictly for going out on dates. Third for when you go out with mates or when you’ve got business meetings. And last but not least, one type when you’re doing some sporty activity. Even though you’re jogging and sweating, doesn’t mean you have to smell ad doing it. I’ve created a list of colognes that I believe are best for each of those categories.

Everyday Cologne

Whenever I go out to university or when I go shopping or if I’m just running some errands, I always keep a bottle of Armani Code in my car and lightly spray myself with it a few times. It’s a nice smelling cologne that is great for routine days. What I like about it is that even if you overspray yourself accidentally, it has a light scent so it doesn’t hit others hard when they take a whiff of it like some other, stronger colognes do. I highly suggest it to anyone that’s got a hefty schedule and wants to smell good throughout the day without wasting the bottle too quickly.

Going on a Date?

Whenever I go out with a girl, I always wear L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake. This is hands down my favourite cologne. It’s a very subtle smell yet when girls smell it they always compliment me on it. It might be more expensive than the others on this list, but it’s well worth the money. There’s a newer bottle by Issey Miyake called Intense, and even though it is a nice smell, I highly suggest L’eau D’issey, which is the one in the picture. Spray it on twice and you’re good for the entire date.

Business Meeting or Just Hanging Out

For both chilling with mates and also going on a business meeting, I suggest the Mont Blanc Individuel. This scent is a little bit more sweet than the Armani Code, but it still holds a formal smell to it. Make sure not to spray too much of it on though, because it might become a little too heavy if applied incorrectly. Mont Blanc has many nice scents for men that you can wear for meetings and the like, but I prefer the Individuel out of them all. The name ‘Individuel’ is perfect for this cologne because it truly makes you stand out and really heightens your Bossness.

Sporty Fragrance

When I’m working out (which I haven’t done in a while and really need to catch-up on), I spray on some Hugo Boss Energise. You didn’t think this Boss Fragrance list would be full without a Hugo Boss cologne, did you? It’s long lasting, fights off any other odours your body might be omitting during your work-out session, and it’s a really reliable scent. By reliable I mean it really won’t let you down in the sense of being a bad scent and allowing your sweat get the best of you. It’s a pleasant fragrance that any Boss that keeps in shape truly needs to have.


  • AB said:

    I use Armani Diamond on dates 🙂

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @AB: Nice I gotta check that one out.

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  • Al said:

    Great list, have all of those except armani code, i use armani emporiom cologne its amazing, and the Hugo Boss engergise is probably my favourite on there, i use it as a casual everyday fragrance as well, i get sooo many compliment off that one. A must for any guy. Period. nice list robby.

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  • JWRmedia said:

    Haha… Im laughing at myself because I’ve never commented on an article about cologne before, but for years now I have a bad habit of collecting two things: cologne and watches!

    I think I have about 12 different types of colognes.. and I do wear different ones depending on where I’m going or what mood I”m in.

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  • Rajbir D said:

    I got cologne, but not much. Just my lacoste and burberry that I got for free, lol. I like Hugo Boss cologne though, maybe going to get some of those. The rest are out of my league.

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  • With This Diet I Was Able to Lose T h i r t y P o u n d s in Under a Month said:

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work

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  • Gwendolyn said:

    Excellent work! Thanks admin.

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  • Alex said:

    i had a botle of eau d issey….it was my favourite…my goddamn brother broke it…my bathroom smelled so good 4 almost a month..lol
    anyways…i love it

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Alex: That’s hilarious. At least your bathroom got to reap the rewards. I was actually on my way to paris and ended up buying another big bottle of l’eau d’issey at duty free. It’s definitely my favourite cologne.

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    Kasper Reply:

    Did it really smell good?

    A small bit of l’eau d’issey is nice, but I think a whole bathroom full of it is a bit too much.

    Personally, I think I would have given the bathroom a big cleaning right away.

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  • Ian said:

    Hey Rob,

    I was interested in trying L’Eau D’issey by Issey through your link on Amazon but started reading comments about how it might be a fake from that source, or at least the shipping methods aren’t so good and have warped the quality of the product.

    I was thinking of heading out to the department store to give it a try, but I buy so much off of Amazon these days I’d rather get it there if I can.

    Cool article, gave me some good ideas.

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    Robby G Reply:

    They link should be legit, I order from there myself. But if you have some concern, I understand if you don’t feel right using it.

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  • david miller said:

    I use Viktor & Rolf Antidote it is a great date cologne. it is not widely used and I often get a positive remark on wearing it.

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