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Con Artistry

7 December 2008 6 Comments

Most people hate Con Artists because at least once in their life they’ve been affected by one in some way or form. Either you’ve been swindled directly or someone close to you has been swindled somehow, somewhere, somewhen. First, let’s see what a Con Artist is and what he does. Con comes from the word confidence, because what a confidence artist is a professional in is winning over your confidence and making you hand over money or goods to him rather than him taking it from you. They are the true definition of Hustlers. Now why would I want to write a post about con artists as some shite I like to know about? Well, to be honest they are the only type of criminals that I respect. Anyone crazy enough or with enough balls can go and stick up an old lady with a 9 or beat a hooker for her money, but it takes a different type of criminal to really delve deeply into a person’s mind and figure out what makes him vulnerable and take advantage of that. When you’ve been swindled or hustled, and I mean really hustled, that’s when you step back and think, “Wow, I’m an idiot, how did I fall for that. I thought I had enough street knowledge to see something like that coming.” Now you’ve gotta respect someone that can really make you think that. Of course you’re gonna wanna find the bastard that burned you and break his legs, but trust me, if he was conniving enough to hustle you, he’s conniving enough to stay away from anywhere you might look for him.

The Real Hustle

On Saturday I was at home most of the day because the snow really hit and I didn’t feel like driving anywhere. Well I turned on the tele because I had nothing better to do and this reality-styled program came on called The Real Hustle. It was about three Brits swindling people in the public of Las Vegas. There were maybe six or so episodes back-to-back that I watched and some of those really made me wanna go out and try some of that shite out right away. Some of the shite they showed wasn’t top notch, but I’m assuming they just needed some extra tricks to take up the program’s time. Well anywho, what I was getting at is that I haven’t seen any good movies about Con Artists in the last few years. The last great one I remember was most definitely “Catch Me If You Can”. That flick was genius. Really made me look at DiCaprio in a totally different way. I started to respect him and watched all of his flicks after that.

Why? Because I can

I think being a con artist is a choice of lifestyle. It’s not a thing you go and do when you’re bored on a Wednesday night, it’s a full time job, a way of life. You know the excitement you get when you do something illegal and you get away with it? The feeling that you’ve just outsmarted someone on a large scale and now you’re sipping Crystal on their account. Well that’s the reason behind going out and hustling anyone, anywhere. Just like they say, there’s a sucker born every second. That’s the mind-frame of a hustler. The world is yours for the taking. Do what you have to do to get what you want. It’s as easy as that.


  • Akmed said:

    Thanks for this. http://shiteilike.com/ is now in my feed reader, I’ll keep and eye out for your next story. I like the layout of your site, nice and clean and easy to read. Thakns.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    I’m happy you’re enjoying it. Thanks for adding it to your feeds.


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  • Lance said:

    Don’t trust anyone. I love this post not just because it’s useful and interestin, but it suits well with the whole Las Vegas casino type layout you’ve got going.

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  • Kisha said:

    I loved that movie to. It put him in a different light then what I was used to seeing him in,. And I have to agree, being a con artist takes guts. To look someone in the eye and lie to them takes a lot of guts.

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  • Herbert said:

    I never manage to find The Real Hustle on TV anymore, but I really enjoyed watching it. Similarly, characters from movies like “Catch me if you Can” and “Ocean’s 11” really impress me for their performance under pressure and confidence.

    …of course, I’d hate to get hustled. But being on the flip-side can’t be so bad.
    .-= Herbert´s last blog ..On Freelancing =-.

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    Robby G Reply:

    Yeah, it’s a shame about The Real Hustle. Pretty sure they stopped producing new episodes. The way Abagnale handles himself under pressure is so impressive and motivating that it makes you want to become a professional hustler. Getting hustled is never good but knowing how to swindle (specifically the government) and getting away with it should be a great feeling.

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