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Confident, Concise, Captivating

26 January 2009 6 Comments

Be Confident

This one is probably the hardest to master, because it really depends on your personality, but in order to be your own man you’ve gotta transform yourself mentally. Confidence is one of the first steps to allowing yourself to becoming a secure and successful individual. A man’s most emphasized characteristic is his ability to say or do whatever he likes without having to receive a nod from anyone for approval. I think the best way to learn to be confident is by starting right in your house or your room. Start where you’re comfortable. Now you’ve gotta know that this is your room and you’re the boss of it, right? You can put a poster up if you want, you can rearrange the furniture, you can basically do whatever the fuck you want without anyone talking shite. Now take that mentality and apply it to the world. Start small though, don’t go out and start breaking laws without having a plan to get away with it. Take that mentality of rearranging something you don’t like in your room and apply it to somewhere outside your room. Basically, you should try and rearrange the world to fit to your wants the same way you rearrange the furniture in your room if you don’t like where it sits. I mentioned in my post entitled working-out that being physically active can actually help your confidence level as well. You’ve really gotta stop putting too much merit on things people say or do. And once you’ve achieved that, you’ll have the requirements to

Be Concise

Being concise isn’t just being clear when you say something, it’s much much greater than that. I see being concise as being someone that doesn’t have to repeat themselves more than once. This isn’t because you’re just too cool to repeat yourself, but simply because your thoughts and actions are so concentrated on what you want that repetition is not required. What I mean by that is that you should set concise goals for yourself and make sure to focus on them. Make sure every move you make helps you come closer to achieve that goal. For example, if your goal is to make money, then make sure you’re not wasting your time on things that aren’t productive in that field. I’m not saying not to have fun, because going out and enjoying yourself is something you should definitely do. But even see going out as something that can help you with your goal. When you go out, try to mix in networking and growing connections with people with your fun time out. Keep that concise goal of yours in your mind at all times and overtime everything you do will naturally be helping out with your goal. You won’t even know it, but if your goal is always in your mind (the back of the mind, you can say), then you will automatically do things that will help with that goal. So, make sure to be concise with your goal and go out and get it, because no one will give you shit in this world without you having to actually work hard for it.

Be Captivating

Knowing what you want is one thing. Being confident with attempting to get it is another. But those two ain’t shite without being captivating. Unless your goal is to move somewhere into isolation and live on some island, then you’ll always need to grow your network of acquaintances in this world. Now being captivating is what my blog is intended to work hardest at. Being captivating means everything about you should be appealing to people out there in the world. You need to have a captivating style, smile, walk, etc, etc. You need people to want to aspire to you, or at least to want to be friends with you. When people of all kinds want to get to know you because they’ve heard a lot of great things about you or if they just simply see you and like what they see, that’s when you’ve reached a level of social importance. To become a captivating person, you’ve gotta really know all the right tricks. I’ll definitely be covering more about this in the future. I’ll discuss everything from wardrobe to the way you should carry yourself when you walk.

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  • The boss said:

    bitch i aint cocky, im confident

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  • Casey said:

    The Boss advice are going extremely well so far. Wow this is an amazing post! I guess I love so much because I can feel the heart and passion you put into writing this. It’s soo motivational!

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  • forexwatch said:

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Casey: Thanks. I love your excitement. I’m glad it’s motivational. That’s what I aim it to do. Motivate people to be Boss.

    @Forexwatch: The theme is called Velocity. Here’s the link to it: http://www.blogohblog.com/wordpress-theme-velocity/
    But remember, changing a theme takes up a crazy amount of time. All those little tweeks here and there are a killer. I checked out your blog and I don’t know if it’d be the perfect theme for your blog topic, but if you’re real keen on it then go ahead and use it. Best of luck. By the way if you figure out how the Archive page works exactly (the html and all) in that theme please let me know. I had to download Snazzy Archives to have an archives page.

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  • Ken Gobin said:

    i think you should expand a little more on the thinking patterns of a boss. For example, destroying a negative thinking pattern and replacing it with a positive track in your mind.

    For me it really helped when I switched my one dimensional thinking pattern from bitches to money. I made mad money, robbin tingz until i got thrown in the can. oops!

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  • mercy said:

    Being confident, concise and captivating! These are indeed exact components one requires to represent him in the outer world, and achieve a humble life from within and other folks,it is so educative i think.

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