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Cruising Down the Street

11 February 2009 6 Comments

I was talking to my older female cousin the other day and of course we discussed money. Well, at first we were discussing girls. The two subjects tend to interweave a lot of the time, don’t they? She asked me if I currently had a girlfriend and I told her I didn’t have time for one now, and that I needed to get my money right first before attaching myself to any relationship. I also told her I didn’t just want any girl that came my way, and that I wanted some top-notch class-A pussay. And in order for me to get those top-notch girls, I had to get my money right. She argued that girls my age don’t really care about money and that they just cared about how you act and basically everything I discuss in my eBook, but the problem was that I’m not really into girls my age, I prefer older women. Anywho, then I told her that anyway you put it girls no matter what age want the guy to at least have a car, or was I wrong? No, I wasn’t wrong. She told me a car was a definite must. I have a car so that’s not an issue for me even though it is somewhat of a shite box. But either way, just like I mentioned how a Boss should have the right cologne or how he should dress to impress, a Boss should have a proper car.

Mufflers are Used to Muffle Sounds

I wanted to discuss the do’s and don’t of what qualifies as a Boss car. First things first, sure cars could get costly, but to have a Boss vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to mean it will cost much. The first ‘don’t’ for a Boss that hops into my mind are those lame ass exhaust pipes with holes in them. Men (or boys) have to realize that when your car, no matter if it’s a Honda Civic or a Nissan Z, is making a ‘suped-up’ jet-like sounds from the exhaust due to the holes you put in the muffler, it doesn’t really sound hot to anyone except for you. A muffler is a muffler for a reason, it should muffle the sounds your car makes, but then you go and put holes in it so it ends up sounding like a car that ate too many beans. Putting holes in the muffler to make your car sound Boss is a big no-no.

Drive Something You’re Proud Of

Then I see people thinking it’s cool if they make their hood a different color than the rest of the car. This can only be pulled off very, very few times on, and definitely not by a Toyoto that you take to your friend’s garage where he allows you to work on it yourself. And if you’re thinking about spending money on suping-up an Accord or Mazda, isn’t just easier to invest in a BMW or a Benzo that will be easier to sell in the long-run and will look a lot nicer? And if you’re getting a car just to impress females, then get yourself something that looks speedy like a Supra or a Corvette, because most women don’t know too much about cars except for how the look.

Black or White

However, for a true Boss that doesn’t mind spending a little extra, I would recommend cars you don’t have do too much work on except for getting 5-10% tints and maybe adding some extra horses. For me, a Boss vehicle is something that is powerful and luxurious at the same time. Something like a white on white BMW 760 or a black on black Mercedes-Benz CL. These two cars are flawless in every sense. They will rape your pocket for the gas you’ll be spending on it, but the drive is well worth it. I’ve driven everything from a Porsche Carrera to a 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-Series BMW to the CL, CLS, SL 55 & 65, S, E AMG, and even hit my top speed of 295km/h in a Maserati, and out of all those vehicles, the 760 and CL63 would be my top 2 choices. And then once you’ve reached Godfather status then there’s nowhere higher you can go than a Maybach or a Rolls Phantom with a driver.

One step at a time though, mates. Just make sure to stay with a Boss mindset while climbing the ladder.


  • Deon said:

    I think the only way a car looks good when the hood is a different colour is if the hood is black..if it’s any other colour it looks like shit.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Deon: Yeah some cars look amazin when the hood is black, especially the new Mustang when it’s orange and the hood is black with some grills up on it. But there’s a hell of a lot that look like shite, as you’ve said.

  • Rajbir D said:

    You’re taste in cars is perfect.

    Black on black is the best. Having a BMW or a Benz is nice but right now I’m feeling a black on black Rx8 or 350z. Gotta get my black on black motorcycle first, though.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Rajbir D: Thanks for liking my taste mate. Getting a black on black 350Z is a monster. And honestly with the whole thing I mentioned about different color hood, the other exception is actually the 350Z. Putting a metallic-colored carbon fiber hood on the 350Z really adds on to the Bossness of that particular car.
    Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting myself motorcycle too. Maybe a chopper in 6 months or so. Cheers!

  • Rajbir D said:

    I’m thinking about getting a small one to start off with. I’m into sports ones so I’m looking at a Ninja 250r (beginner bike). Just have to wait for the weather to get better.

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