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Dating, How To Ask A Woman Out

7 November 2009 9 Comments

A wise man once said to me ‘never drink wine from a screw top bottle, respect your elders and take your time looking for love’

Post 1/3

The latter part being the most prominent for me. My name is Adam, founder and author of the male interest blog blokebuddy.com and today I’m going to give you some of the most valuable dating advice my experience can offer.

OK so you have seen a woman at work, met someone online or you fancy the checkout girl at your local store, and you want to ask her out, right? But there are some basic principles you should follow before doing so, let me divulge.

The first thing you need to establish is whether or not she is interested in you, and there are some simple steps you can take to determine that.

1. Body language: If she likes you she will look into your eyes and keep a firm lock on them, if she doesn’t like you she will quickly look away.  If she sits with her legs crossed, breasts pointing towards you and plays with her hair a lot, these are signs she is into you.

2. Her conversation: Another way to tell if a woman likes you is in the way she interacts with you, if she laughs at your rubbish jokes and seems absorbed in what you are saying, this means she wants to know more about you and feels comfortable being around you.

3. Talk to her friends: Women tell each other everything and I mean everything, so it is worth doing some digging around with her friends, don’t just run up and say ‘does Jane fancy me?’ you need to be more subtle than that, just mention in passing that you think ‘Jane’ is attractive, or that you think she is a really nice person, and most likely they will tell you what she thinks about you.

Asking her out:
Right, so you are pretty confident by now that the girl of your dreams has the hots for you, so asking her out should be a cinch, but be careful you can make a really bad impression in the way you ask a woman out. When you ask her out do it alone with her, don’t try and be a clever clogs and do it in front of your mates she will think you’re a fool. Don’t take her to the pub, the last place you want to talk intimately with a woman is a noisy crowed beer tank, so ask her if she would like to go for a meal, somewhere quiet and intimate and make sure you ask her what type of food she likes!

By now you should have your date secure, you have a restaurant booked that serves the food she likes and you are now ready to release the lothario inside you and charm her into your affections.

This post is 1 of a series of 3, in part 2 I will go into pre date advice, what to wear, do’s and dont’s on your date, and good conversation advice before the final part on how to secure a second date, how to make sure you leave a lasting impression on her so that she will be overcome by you.

Keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon!
With thanks to Robby from shiteilike.com for allowing me to guest post, and I recommend you subscribe to his blog he has a lot to offer.


  • Gerry said:

    Well written post man. If you can get in and talk to her friends that works the best, you’re right women love talking to friends about everything especially men more than anything. Will wait for post 2!

  • adam said:

    Definately, I think men tell each other things but not in the same way, I mean women go to the toilet together in night clubs, feel each others boobs for lumps and all sorts, I think it’s great that women are so closely connected to each other, but can you honestly see guys doing the same thing haha no chance. I have had my fair share in the dating world, and I have found its subtle techniques like this that get the info you want.
    .-= adam´s last blog ..Is Your Wife Cheating And Blogging About It!? =-.

  • Hayley said:

    Mmmm I don’t know if women are as transparent as you like to believe!

  • Ella Robinson said:

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  • Sarah Graham said:

    i love to date asian women because they are classy, i also love to date european women*,~

  • Travis said:

    Those are excellent points. Since I’m deathly afraid of rejection, I’ve always gone way overboard to make sure a girls likes me before I’ll ask her out. My “system” was pathetic. I’m going to use yours from now on.

    – Travis

  • Migraine Relief : said:

    i love do date coz you experience something good emotionally while being with other people~;”

  • Accent Chair said:

    i just started dating and well, dating is a very exciting experience. i just love to date women ~:”

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