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Dating, How to Make Your Date a Success

10 November 2009 7 Comments

Hello again, this is post 2/3 from me Adam Garratt author of blokebuddy.com. If you read my last guest post on ‘how to ask a woman out‘ then you will hopefully have a secure date by now, so read on and let me tell you how to make your date a success.

I think most men including myself have and still do believe that because you have a date means she fancies the pants off you and you just have to coast the date and expect a kiss and a fumble at the end of it. Well if your dating a certain ‘type’ of woman then you may well get this, along with a lighter wallet and chlamydia, but jokes aside fellas it’s going to take a bit more than chit chat to get her to warm to you.

On the plus side you obviously have something she likes otherwise you wouldn’t have got the date in the first place, so start the date with confidence that you’re half way there and it’s just a final push to the finish line to secure a second date, so follow the points below to help you achieve your goal.

Pre Date Advice:

OK the first thing you need to sort out is the restaurant, now in my opinion the restaurant should ideally be situated near to where she lives, the reason is that she is going to be nervous for a start so the fact she is fairly near to home will help put her at ease and means that when you walk her home you’re not going to have to walk miles. I also recommend taking a few kalms tablets a few hours before your date, these are herbal remedy pills designed to relax you before anything un-nerving or stressful and can do wonders for you if you’re of a nervous disposition. Lastly read the newspapers for that day, I know this might sound strange but a lot of women love tabloid news, celebrity gossip, x factor and interesting stories, it won’t suit all women of course but it helps with conversation.

What Do I Wear?

This is something that men seem to overlook to quite a degree, mainly going to a store buying a casual shirt and wearing it with jeans and some loafers, big mistake, why? Because it’s not unique or interesting and not particularly appropriate for a date. Think about the woman you’re dating, you have taken some time and effort to ask her out so think about what it is she does for a living, and what her personality is like, if she is a professional young career type, then I suggest wearing a smart suit with a shirt and cuff links but no tie! You’re not at a job interview just leave the top 2 buttons undone. If she is an exuberant lively girl that’s full of energy, perhaps think about wearing some bright colours, perhaps some grey trousers black shoes and a yellow jumper. I’m no fashion expert but you get the idea, make an impression but don’t go completely over the top.

Good Conversation Advice:

It is easy sometimes to fall into that dreaded silent trap when on a date, you blurt out your life story in 30 seconds and have nothing else to tell her so you sit there and say stupid shit like ‘wine’s good’ and you quickly become self conscious and feel desperate to get things rolling again. Avoid telling jokes at all costs, a joke that you might find funny could completely offend someone else without you realising, so steer clear. As I said before in pre-date advice, read the papers to get some current affairs news under your belt. When you sit down and begin to talk, start off with asking if she would like some wine and let her choose the wine, men that choose the wine have a great big ‘twat’ radar above them, after that just start asking about her and what she does, etc. and listen inventively and ask questions on her, not like an interrogator though.

Don’t let her do all the talking though because at some point you are going to tell her about you, talk about your job and how much you value your family, if you have kids from another woman then tell her about it, if she is a decent woman this won’t bother her and if you get a second date you know she is a good one.

Do’s And Dont’s:

A quick run down of some essential do’s and don’ts on your date.

Do – Wear smart clothes but not like your going to an interview
Do – Be calm and positive, and let her choose the wine
Do – Open as many doors for her as you can, show her chivalry is not dead
Do – keep the conversation flowing and build a rapport
Do – Be yourself and let your personality come through
Do – Tell her about your family life and if you have kids

Don’t – Fart or belch in front of her
Don’t – Wear predictable clothes that everyone else wears
Don’t – Tell jokes
Don’t – Choose the wine yourself
Don’t – Sit down first, you open her seat and help her sit down, then you.
Don’t – Laugh like Brian blessed
Don’t – Let the conversation go stale
Don’t – Move in for a kiss unless she approaches first
Don’t – Assume that after dinner it’s home, ask her if she would like to go to a club after

This advice is there to help and assist its not a rule book, just sound advice based on experience in the dating game, not every woman is the same but a few careful pointers in the right direction goes a long way, come back for the final part in this series and I will go into how to make a lasting impression on her to secure a second date, and what will make her be wanting more of you.

Robby’s Side Note: It’s very interesting adding variety onto my blog and hearing other men’s experiences and takes on dating. I actually wrote a list of Do’s and Don’ts on a date that you may be interested in reading in company with this post. But make sure to come back for Adam’s final post of the series.


  • adam said:

    Thanks for letting me guest post Rob it has been a really enjoyable project for me, Rob provides a quality service on here and what i like most of all is his honest opinions and the fact that he openly lets guests post there views and comments, dating is no exact science and it never will be but Rob steers you in the right direction, keep it going! 🙂
    .-= adam´s last blog ..Cat Boxing!! =-.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Adam: Sure, my pleasure man. And thanks for the kind words–stating my honest opinion is my number one priority. Waiting to read post 3. By the way, anyone who hasn’t checked out Adam’s site, go check it out: http://www.blokebuddy.com, he’s got some great content.

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    I really like your post,

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  • Alain said:

    really a nice post it reminded me of my first date i was very nervous and that guy was very clumsy i never saw him after that date …….lol

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