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Dating, Securing a Second Date

15 November 2009 2 Comments

Hello again. It’s Adam Garratt, author of the male interest blog blokebuddy.com and welcome to my final post in the 3 part series.

In the last post I went into detail about how to make your date a success and the crucial do’s and don’ts of your date, so in the final post I am going to give you sound advice on how to make sure your date wants to see more of you and how to secure a second date.

It needs to be said that dating is no exact science and every woman is different and personalities clash all the time, but there are measures you can take to significantly increase your odds of snatching that special someone because the one thing on your side is that you are both starting with a blank canvass. Neither of you know each other properly and you have no idea what the each of you like and dislike, and this can be a very powerful medium to help make an impression.

The thing I find with a lot of men is that they fake being confident on a date to hide their nervousness. Problem is a lot of the time it is over exaggerated and you can appear cocky and arrogant to your date. It is ok to be nervous it is normal, and believe it or not your date is nervous too, so there is no point in hiding it, I don’t mean you should let yourself go into a quivering wreck but its OK to go red faced and be shy once in a while so just be yourself that way your date will feel more comfortable because you are on the same level.

Science plays an important part in the dating game, you may not think it but when a woman is with you on a date she is subconsciously tapping into her primeval instinct to find a suitable mate to bear a child with, don’t let this frighten you! It doesn’t mean she wants kids with you instantly it just means that she is sizing you up for good genetics. How can this help with your date? Well you need to highlight the fact that you love your family very much, and mention you want kids one day, but be careful use the term kids carefully if you start spurting out your desperate for kids now, this will obviously put her off and make you appear desperate.

Another good way to make an impression is to compliment her, this may sound easy and it is if you use the right compliments, obviously you stay well clear of her breasts, bum, legs and lips, these are sexual areas and can offend so many women. Focus on complimenting her intelligence, her sense of humour and her ambition. If you want to compliment her physical appearance then mention her eyes, her face and hair.

Most of what I preach is common sense but for a lot of guys it is difficult to tap into the skills at finding a lover, and these posts were designed to push you in the right direction. The best and most honest advice I can give you is trust yourself, you are a human being and will make the most stupid mistakes in your life, but you will equally make some of the best decisions in your life also, take your time, sit down, eat some good food and enjoy the company of your date, let the conversation flow and at the end of the evening ask to see her again and I guarantee she will.

Take it easy guys and remember take life with a pinch of salt, enjoy it, your are fortunate to be alive and this should reflect what you do every day. Life is short and sweet, embrace it and don’t ever think a woman is out of your league……she is not.
Thanks for listening.


  • Rob said:

    So true. I completely agree with it being ok to be nervous – it’s best to just to be yourself. I also think the girl would probably assume “Hey, he’s obviously done this a million times” if a guy seems way too comfortable or cocky on a date. I don’t think most girls would like that (although i suppose it depends on the type of girl). I think in general most men don’t like to show themselves as being nervous on a date, but it’s not a bad thing.
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Good In Bed =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Rob: I think it really depends on the girl, as you said. It’s best to be comfortable and confident… I don’t think cocky is ever good for anyone. But when the girl sees you’ve done this a million times, she gets to thinking that there’s obviously something that girls like about this guy if he’s been able to do it a million times, therefore they try to discover more about you. Nevertheless nervous can come off as cute sometimes. But being Woody Allen type nervous can send a girl away sometimes. Balance is key. Thanks for the comment.

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