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Do You Have a Bloated Ego?

24 August 2009 4 Comments

I was reading an interesting book entitled “A Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov and the main character was a real douchebag in every sense of the word. The problem was, however, you can never blame him for it. He didn’t have the decency of a human being, instead he was cold, sociopathic, and overall possessing an extremely bloated ego. So that gave me an idea for a post. First, what does it mean to have a bloated ego? Second, is it good or bad to have a bloated ego? Third, what are the ways to improve your ego-level? But before we answer any of those questions, we really have to take a look at what an ego is and what it does. An ego is the individual’s perception of themselves. And that can be assessed by the following question: “Who am I?” Whatever your answer for that is, is how your ego perceives you. I will obviously not go into all the details about psychoanalysis here, but I will say that the ego plays a huge role in how you act, how you handle yourself, how you communicate or relate with others, and the type of person you see yourself becoming in the future, which all relates to the topic I blog about.

Is My Ego Bloated?

Now that we have a general idea of what the ego is and does, we each have to ask ourselves if our ego is too big or too small? Having a big or bloated ego means that you view yourself as the dominant, self-centered, God-amongst-men individual who for no logical reason should have more rights than others. Now ask yourself, does that sounds like you? Do you have this inner feeling in you telling you that your drive, your identity, your life is more important than everyone else’s? Or is your inner voice telling you that you’re incapable of doing anything right and your life is worthless? Whichever of the two feelings you possess, let’s see if one is better to have than the other.

I’ve Got a Bloated Ego–So What?!

If you’re one of those people who thinks whatever they do will be praised and everything they say will be noted, then you may have a bloated ego. But so what? How does that make my life any better or worse? Well the truth is, a bloated ego can be really detrimental to you if it isn’t controlled. When you have a bloated ego, everything you do does not seem good enough. While others may be happy with finishing school, going to work, and creating a family, those with a big ego can have the world under their feet and it still wouldn’t be enough. And that leads to a tragic lifestyle, because everything you do will always inevitably become a bore. Chasing men/women, work, sports, religion, parties, friends, family, academics, everything that you do for a certain amount of time or spend time with will become boring and this will lead you to question how others are able to live in such a boring world. Travel may still act as a remedy, but you’ll want to change the way you live within years or months at a time. People with huge egos tend to reach unbelievable heights in the corporate world, but that is simply because it is never enough for them. So I ask you, who is the happier man, one who finds satisfaction in a 9-5 job, a wife and kids, and a vacation once a year, or the one who travels, adventures, and leads an unusual life to keep excited and sane? I personally will choose the latter even though the peaks are momentary and the lulls are self-destructive. Nevertheless, I would try to lower it to a tolerable level where happiness is achievable, just through a little more experience than the average Joe, because I know when a person with a bloated ego is able to knock his ego down a few notches, the happiness that he eventually finds will be more blissful than anything an ordinary man with a decent ego can ever imagine.

How Do I Lower My Ego?

It’s not a simple task, but it’s definitely do-able. Here are ways to dumb-down your ego:

  • Acknowledge your bloated ego and become aware of the thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing when it becomes present.
  • Do something you know you will not gain some sort of advantage from such as playing video games. Do it for sheer entertainment rather than seeing a beneficial ends to the means. This will help living in the moment rather than constantly seeking unattainable refuge in the future.
  • Put yourself in others’ shoes. Though this may seem ridiculous to a person with a bloated ego, just try it. Think what your friend/sibling/enemy would think, and feel what they would feel if someone acted like you act in front of them.
  • Exercise self-control and patience. When someone does something you do not approve of and it gets on your nerves, take a few breaths and let it be. Stressing over minor details stops you from seeing the bigger picture. Your time to live and be tranquil is much more important than to get angry and try to take lead of everything.
  • Just as you plan to achieve your goals, don’t forget to plan days for relaxation. Make goals to have time to do nothing at all.
  • Understand that pride and arrogance play a central role to the ego and only through dissolving yourself from having too much pride and arrogance in your being can you begin to hack away at the ego.

I personally do not suggest in trying to absolve yourself from your ego completely, because I honestly see some benefits in it. Though some may say being at peace with yourself without having any egotistical thoughts and desires to be in power is the greatest of achievements, I believe having the ability to control your ego to a certain degree where you are able to enjoy certain moments in life while aiming for greatness within a society is much more rewarding physically, materially, and mentally, yet though not so much spiritually. It all depends on your current desires, and if those desires do not have room for a humble and appreciative presence then I highly suggest you disregard the tasks mentioned above. It is a man’s own choice to know what he wants and try to achieve it, and I would be a hypocrite and the most egotistical being to want to make someone lose their will to remain an egotist.


  • JD said:

    Bloated egos can really break a person. Failing becomes no option, but nothing is ever good enough. I like how you mention that there should be a balance and having some stimulant ego can work to your benefit.

  • Betty K said:

    Those are original ways to defuse an ego and I think they can actually work. Doing something that has no conclusive benefit sounds pretty relaxing and i know some people who just can’t ever relax becuse they always need to work and get ahead, but like you said they are never happy with their achievements. An ego cannot be detroyed in one day, it’s a matter people need to work on.

  • James Silverman said:

    Interesting article. What’s so fascinating about an ego or a bloated ego is that it cannot be destroyed by knowing and trying make yourself destroy it. It feeds off your pride and one’s pride needs to be analyzed in a logical way before it can be got rid of.

  • JC said:

    People without bloated egos usually get paid minimum wage.

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