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Don’t Hesitate the Opener

7 May 2009 4 Comments

If there’s one thing that separates the boys from the men in the dating game, it’s the fear factor. Boys talk while the men act. If you really want to succeed in obtaining many numbers or getting better at picking girls up, you must get out there and work at it. It’s like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can read and read and read this blog or any other book on the artistry of pick-up, but if you don’t actually go out there and try it then you will never actually see its true colors. Today I write a call-to-action post so that all of you who have either read my dating posts, have asked questions, or downloaded my free ebook, now you can go out there and separate yourself from the boys. Do not hide from the brute reality of things. The fact is, you might get rejected. Rejection is nothing to fear or get yourself down about. I’ve been rejected countless amounts of times. Hell, I was rejected from getting a number just yesterday, but who cares, it’s not the ones that got away you’ll be remembering in the years to come, it’s the ones you haven’t tried and missed out on your opportunity to approach that may haunt you.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Trying

Many guys think that if they avoid approaching the pitch then they will never strike out. This is absolutely true… but they will never hit a home run that way either. When you’re first approaching a woman, you cannot contemplate the “ifs, buts or maybes”. The opportunity is there so grow some fucking balls and make a move. Remember, the woman won’t approach you first unless you’re Brad Pitt and even then it’s a 50/50. Now, if you’re still having doubts, think about it this way: What’s the worst that can happen? She may say no; she may laugh; you’ll feel humiliated; you’ll get tongue-tied. But the fact of the matter is, none of these things really matter. You see the woman, you approach her, you may be nervous if this isn’t an everyday thing for you, but the only way to get better is through experience. If you’d like to gradually better your game then you may want to start by approaching women that are not so intimidating and high on the pedestal. Even though I disagree with men ever putting women on a pedestal, it is sometimes mentally unavoidable, so why not just do as all beginners do and approach a woman you’ll know you’ll feel comfortable around because you truly have a sense of dominance over.

To read some related posts, there are posts on approach and the like that you may want to check out in the links below, so feel free to go ahead and do that. But make sure that you go out today and it doesn’t matter where you see a woman of interest, whether on the park bench or simply walking by you, and don’t hesitate with an opener. Come back and let me know how it goes. Best of luck, comrades!


  • Drake said:

    Hesitation kills your confidence and any guy who hesitates the approach will surely fail at getting the girls numbers. I never think about it and just go up and start talking. This way I feel comfortable and confident and the jokes I say come naturally. nicely written post, Robby.

  • crime lab said:

    I’m the type of person that over-analyses what i’m going to say and what the girl will think and end up not coming up to the girl at all. i’m going to take your advice for this weekend and Just Do It!

  • Al said:

    I agree you can never hesitate when approaching.. Approach the girl like you would approach any other person, confidently, joke around a bit, poke fun at her a little bit and i do mean a little bit.. but its jsut a conversation.. when it goes flat or you run out of things to say, cut it a little bit short, but dont just be awkward and leave , tell her you gotta get back to your friends but youd love to talk to her more, leave her wanting more, grab her number before you go, or throw a little line in before you leave if your goign to for sure see her again in the night …

  • bad credit personal loans said:

    The advices is to have alot of confidence when doing anything.

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