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Don’t Let the Man Get You Down

6 July 2009 4 Comments

I was thinking for a long time what to write about for my next blog post and noticed that the late Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday is coming up on the 18th and decided to pay a homage to the one and only Gonzo Journalism creator and one of the only men to come onto this planet and lead a life of freedom. The brave one who most definitely did not sit in the sidelines, but one whose ambitions of youth allowed him to scourge the minds of secure and contained gentlemen. This man was a Ralph Waldo Emersonof our time. A prophet, a genuine disaster whose debris of enlightened enthusiasm spread into the hearts and minds of those willing to open up to the truth that is outside the ice cold steel bars society has built up around itself. I have given a short bio of the great man in a previous post, so today instead of discussing his works or achievements, I’d like to spread a message. I’d like to discuss what it is to be the courageous soul and experience and live life rather than fear it and sit aside, protected, nested, and awaiting for the big sleep.

Freedom Isn’t Given, It’s Taken

From a young age we are taught to be to conformed actors in a drama where individual values are governed to make sure they are within the invisible lines of normality. So from youth we are constantly injected with a way to think and function, a pattern and routine way of living, and any attempt of acting out of the norm is lunacy. Incarceration, labels, banishment from social groups, and alienation are the consequences of such eccentric acts many of the times. Now, freedom isn’t given to us at birth, instead we are taught to fear and revere it, loathe it to an extent where social pressures dumb you down to a level where the Man can shove his whole hand up your ass and make you do whatever he wants for you become his puppet and he your master. The ones who defend their individuality, however, do not fear labels or alienation, they do not fear life, they do not fear uncertainty, instead they despise regulations. We are all people, equal to some degree, so why should someone else decide things for me? You are your own boss and you should search for your own personal values and not fear what others can do unto you. Just the opposite, it is the so-called leaders that have devised a social contract for us to abide by who should fear what the individual is capable of doing.

It Isn’t Revolution I Speak of, Only One Man and His Ideas

One of society’s constructs is this feeling of a sense of connection to the rest of the people through conformity, and when one decides to do something his own way then this sense of self-consciousness rises up and that’s what kills originality and in turn the greatness of ones individuality. Caring what others think is important, but to a degree. In many previous posts I discuss the importance of self-respect and being a success in society, but being over self-conscious and constantly questioning your own ideas and actions based on what others may think of you simply makes you a slave to the social norm. Greatness is achieved by those who are misunderstood. It’s okay to have some care in what others are saying about you, but you shouldn’t give up your freedom based on if some group of people will accept you or not, including your beloved friends. Hunter S. Thompson lived a life where he dressed how he wanted, he acted how he believed to be right by him, he got into arguments and fights over the notions that he found to be correct or just, but he never took any guff from the swine. And I urge people to do the same. It’s your life you’re living, you have a choice to conform and to give-in to the social constructs or you may fight back and do what you believe to be the right thing. Being free doesn’t mean you’re a careless soul who frolics down the street not caring what others think, it’s much more than that. It’s knowing that you can achieve anything and going for it without letting anyone bring you down. Do what’s important to you, not what’s important to others or what you were taught is important to you. Only you can know if certain things or certain people or certain ideas you live by are important to you or not, so don’t make the eternal mistake of identifying yourself with the rest and getting lost in the crowd of cowards.


  • Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment said:

    So true… a lot of people are truly afraid to live free. They’ve been conditioned to need the control that they are used to, and the very idea of needing someone to tell them how to think, what to do, and when to do is mandatory for them. The political system works off of this idea, and that is a very depressing fact.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..The Problem With Impatient Bloggers =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Trey: Thanks for your input. I honestly thought I’d get negative responses to this post because so few truly grasp the notion of freedom and believe the lives they currently lead are filled with what the government system calls “freedom”. It is a depressing fact and it’s up to each individual to fully snap out of the mindset of fearing uncertainty and fearing having a break in their routine. Glad that at least you agree.

  • Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment said:

    I agree very strongly. If I was more political, then I would be involved with protests and such. I just feel that people aren’t ready to embrace these ideas at this point, but they will be one day if the government continues to run the country into the ground.

    A lot of people consider the ideas of the founding fathers to be old fashioned, and while a few of them are, the idea of freedom and liberty are not. And the fact that our current government wants to preach about it without practicing it annoys me.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..The Problem With Impatient Bloggers =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    And that’s exactly the problem. The Founding Fathers set up an immaculate system of government. The constitution is there to protect the people from the oppression of the government, and to be frank it has been completely altered to be used as some piece of paper that allows the government to do whatever it pleases. It changed a true democratic state as it once was into a police run nation filled with scared individuals who believe they are living in the same type of democracy the Founding Fathers implemented in 1787.

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