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Downtown Loungin’

6 January 2009 4 Comments

“When you’re alone
And life is making you lonely,
You can always go downtown.”

Truer words have never been spoken (or sung, for that matter) about downtown. Whenever I get wound up or on the other hand when I feel really worried and stressed about certain things, I love going downtown to clear my mind and forget all my troubles. And once I’m downtown the best places to check out and enjoy my time in are lounges. I’m not too much of a clubber, never really enjoyed that whole freaky scene where hundreds of guys are grinding up on hundreds of girls that are so powdered up that you can’t even see what they truly look like until it’s too late. Lounges, on the other hand, are laid back with some relaxing music that’s best when there’s a mixture of Jazz or Bosa Nova or Jungle muzak playing. You go there with a few mates or a girl and you actually enjoy yourself. I guess it’s all about what you believe to be an enjoyable time. Some like the country lifestyle while others love that rave, E-popping scene. I went up north for New Years, and I spent five days there. It was such a drag after the third day I couldn’t handle it anymore. All I did was sit in front of the fireplace, drank vino, blogged occasionally, and played billiards. It sounds fun and all for the first day or so, but after a couple of days it’s just horrendous.

You’ve probably heard me mention Yorkville in a few other previous posts like here, because they’ve got some serious lounges there, definitely the best in Toronto. The other week I went there with two mates, pre-drank of course, because a single pisto in one of those lounges costs $8. We went into this one lounge that re-opened after being closed for a few months. It used to be more like a restaurant, but this time I went in it had transformed into a great lounge. There’s a lounge next to it called Amber, and those fuckers had never let me in, always giving me excuses that it’s an invite-party only or some other shite. And on Halloween I was heading to a lounge close to Amber and I saw this one fool dressed like Zoro come out of Amber. I looked over at the big, gay Samoan bouncer and told him, “If they allow faggots like Zoro in there, I don’t wanna go in there.” Zoro was funny looking and drunk, falling into the taxi cab at the time. The gay bouncer didn’t do much, just watched me pass him and go to the next lounge.


VIP Shite

Oh, by the way the other day I had to go to the airport twice in one day to pick up people, and I saw some nice lounges there while I waited for the arrivals. I don’t fly too much myself even though I love travelling (gotta have $$ for that shite) and I found this sick VIP lounge card for people who fly often. This Priority Pass can get you into almost every lounge at every airport if you’re there waiting to get on the next flight or just feel like chilling with a stewardess that you picked up during your flight in business class. Lounging in any shape, way or form is fucking bout it. So the way I wanted to finish this off is by signing off that I’m outta here, I don’t really give a fuck what day of the week it is, I’m about to call me up some people and go lounge. The country life took the piss out of me and I really need to drink me something fine and listen to some chills tracks.

Cheers mates…


  • IZIK said:

    sounds like that gay samoan bouncer at amber is gonna get what he deserves very soon. zoro probably fucks him in his ass everyday and thats y he doesnt let str8 ppl in.

  • Tim said:

    Same! I don’t enjoy being in clubs at all (maybe because I over-did it when I was younger 😀 ). I enjoy a place with music of lounge, house, latin-jazz and yeh bossanova too, I dislike pop, hiphop rnb whatever they play in clubs.
    I’ve been here in Toronto for about 2 years and still haven’t found many good lounges except the one in Metropolitan Hotel downtown.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Tim, There’s a lounge on Yorkville (close to Bloor and Yonge St) which got renovated called One Eleven, very nice place I go to often you can check out. Another few are ‘Amber’, ‘Why Not’, and one on Queen Street called ‘Ultra’. Those are a few nice places to enjoy a good atmosphere, vibe a little, and drink some dranks.


  • Ravers said:

    Hey there! Thanks for keeping me busy while I am bored! Your stuff is keeping me awake while I am stuck in the office. Keep it coming :o)!

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