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Dress to Impress

30 January 2009 2 Comments

In my previous post I’ve tackled the idea of acknowledging your own importance and expanding that into a form of leadership. I also mentioned that a Boss should never want to be like anyone else by copying any one style. Today, I’d like to explain the importance of how what you wear will lead to your success and even improving your three C’s.

The other day I had an interview with a Real Estate Broker, choosing which brokerage I’d like to start working for, and of course, I dressed nice. I wore my pea-coat, my dress shoes, a nice shirt, sweater, dressy pants, the whole deal. Now if you’re going to a business meeting or out to a fancy lounge, you may want to dress fashionable. In fact, it’s important to dress fashionably, especially when you’re meeting new people or dealing with clients that want to see you look professional. Looking Boss doesn’t have to mean wearing a suit at all times, in my opinion, it’s much more than that.

First Impressions

There are some people that you just look at and you think that person has the potential to go far in life. You look at him and say to yourself, ‘this man really looks like he knows what he wants and he’s going for.’ And the reality is, there may be a thousand other people who are smarter than that man in the field he’s trained at and have more qualifications, but the fact that he knows how to present himself, he will go far. We as a society allow people that look Boss to go further in life due to the impression they leave with us.

To make a great first impression, you have got to look sharp from head to toe. Your hair has to be done nice, you’ve gotta be clean, your custom-made suit has to be ironed, and basically look like one of those guys in the Hugo Boss magazines. Now if you’re just going out and about to do some random errands or to a casual work environment where most people aren’t in suits, you may want to wear a nice dress shirt, and a blazer with dark jeans. You still have a professional, clean look about you, but without all the real formalities of business wear.

Time to Grow

There are times when I just want to give up on this whole race to the top and get rid of all my business plans and just go out and have some good ol’ hooligan fun. Get piss drunk, go uninvited to a house party, get into a rowdy fight, and then somehow carefully drive home, hopefully without getting stopped by the bobbies. But I know that there’s isn’t anything good that can possibly come out of all that, so my suggestion is if you ever get into that type of mood, it’s important to listen to some relaxing music, dress up real nice and go to a lounge instead, and order wine instead of black Russians. Chilling and listening to some laid-back music will do a lot more for you than going out and acting rowdy.

But remember what I said from the start of my posts, being smooth and cool about things doesn’t mean you have to be soft, you still have to be ready for anything or anyone that crosses the line.


  • Al said:

    Great post! I think everybody has to go through the phase of being a hooligan, rowdy drunken mess. Then again its not for everybody, but in some way or form everyone has to be their own version of that. I’ve done it all, drunk every weekend, club or party everyweekend, fights constantly, drinking and driving, wearing clothes that were too big LOL. However, I too decided its time to grow, started wearing nice clothes, designer jeans, shoes, fitted shirts and jeans, classy outfits that you can go anywhere and still look good. I still have urges to run around and pick fights with large groups of people, lol but you have to grow up at some point, enjoy a glass of rose with a meal, and be comfortable in a lounge where you can dance, walk freely around without bumping into everyone, and enjoy the company of beautiful girls lol.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: I like that you understand what I’m saying and mean in this post. Something a lot of people forget once they do finally “grow” from being hooligan and rowdy is they become soft, but growing and finally starting to act civil doesn’t mean you have to be soft. That’s key, in my opinion. Sure, you get more patient as you become Boss, but there’s limits to how far people can go, because having respect must always be one of the top priorities.

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