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Drinking in the New Year!

5 January 2009 9 Comments

The fact is, I’ve liked drinking since I was 16. I’m not saying I’m a alcoholic of any sort, it’s just I’ve been fond of having a few drinks here and there. In all truth, I’m drunk right now while writing this post, and in fact, I’ve thought about creating a blog where every post I’d write I’d be drunk. Call it ‘Chronicles of Drunk Living’ or something and just post whenever I’m drunk. That’s a great life, ain’t it? Well anywho, I decided to write about drinking today. Some people smoke weed left and right. You offer them to blaze even at 6 in the morn, they’re down. Me, I’m like that, but with alcohol. You offer me to drink, shite, even if I just vomitted from drinking, I’ll still drink. It’s funny actually. Once I was drinking a two-four with a few of my friends, and after getting totally pissed, I went in the corner and hurled a bit. One of my mates comes over and asks how I was feeling, and I just go right ahead and say, “Give me another pisto.” Now, I’m young and I’m healthy, so my mentality is to keep drinking and to keep having fun.


You Fucking Drunkaholic

At one point in me life I actually thought that I’m an alcoholic. I thought that I needed to fucking stop drinking because I was getting addicted. I figured that was all bullocks this one summer I went to Russia. My aunt’s brother came to live with us at my Grandma’s place this one time and he was the definition of a drunkaholic. In order for this man to pass the day normally, he needed to drink a cup of vodka in the morning, one during lunch, and a third during dinner. This would be a normal day for him. My uncle and I decided not to give him any alcohol because we figured it would be best for him. You wouldn’t believe this guy after the first day. He wasn’t only twitching like a crackhead, but he was acting like a wounded animal. At one point he couldn’t take it anymore and had to run to the convenience store to pick up 2 cans of 750ml 18% beers just to make himself feel alright. Of course he got me a Gorlsch and I drank with him, but this guy was rediculous. Then once I came back to Canada, I heard that this one girl I went to high school with went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Jesus, this girl was seventeen years old, what kind of drunkaholic could she be? I was sure I drank more than her, and she was the one getting help? It doesn’t matter though, this bitch was also taking coke, and even crack I believe at one point.


You’re Not as Bad as You Think You Are

I realized I wasn’t as bad an alcoholic as I thought I was ever since that trip to Russia. Drinking once to twice to three times a week just to relax and chill with my mates isn’t that bad. Now drinking three cups of vodka per day just to feel normal, that might be a hint that you’re a fucking drunkaholic, otherwise it’s all good. So my suggestion is that if you can live a few days without alcohol and still feel okay with it, then you’re good to go. However, if you need at least a couple of drinks every day to feel alright to function, then you need some help. Now, back to the aunt’s brother I was talking about, he used to be a drug addict as well, so becoming an alcoholic was a step up for him.

Anywho, I’m about to go drink me some more wine and brew if I can find some. So whoever is reading this, leave a comment and tell me what you think, otherwise go ahead and get yourself a glass and come drink with me sometime.



  • Dat Fillfy Shite said:

    they dont call me the 6 in the mornin sesher for nothin

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  • joe said:

    Drinking since 16… nice lol. I’ve probably picked up the devilish habit at the same age.

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  • Daryl said:

    ahhh I don’t know how you can drink rum. It alllways gives me a hangover 🙁

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  • Sydney Lorein said:

    18% beer? Only in Mother Russia I guess eh robby?
    I have to agree with you on the fact that many people go to AA even though they really don’t need to. People can fight it on their own most of the time. if you drink once or twice a week, ur not a real alcoholic as there are out there.

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  • jim boh said:

    young and healthy so have to keep drinking and having fun mentality you have? well keep it up and you’ll have a rotten liver by next new years buddy. but whatever floats your boat mate. Cheers lol!

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  • Attah said:

    Addiction is a sign of weakness and control of ones use of any substance is paramount. Simply put don’t over do it n everyting is propa so in the meantime Robby G send me a shot n Fillfy pass me the dutchie!

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  • Kisha said:

    Wow a 3 cups of vodka a day?!?!?!? that’s pretty bad. Now having grown up with a “funtioning drunkahloic” I learned my limit early, like 10. I’ll have a couple of shots with you.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Kisha, sure name a day we’ll drink ourselves some grey goose 🙂

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  • online payday advance said:

    I use to be that way… lol but now vodka gives me headaches. but do what you want, its your life 😉

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