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Farewell to Bush

16 January 2009 7 Comments

As the United States say farewell to their beloved president, George W. Bush Jr. I’d like to give my regards as well. He wasn’t the best president (in fact was the wost), nor was he the brightest president (in fact the dumbest), nor was he the most loved president (in fact might be as hated as Nixon), but he sure as hell lasted 8 years thanks to the American citizen’s great choice in keeping him and his administration in office. He also was the funniest president with lots of fun stuff to say. In my view, he’s had one of the greatest lives any person on the face of this earth.

He was born to the son of a U.S president, he didn’t have to go to the Vietnam war even though there was a draft at the time, he partied harder than anyone because he obviously had the money, then he became the president and made even more money. Then he conquered two countires, took one’s oil and the other’s poppies, then made even more money for himself and his administration. Then killed the president of another country (Saddam) and “democratized” the Iraqi people. Well now that he’s leaving us to go on and enjoy all of the stolen oil money that he got from Iraq and capitalized on through Cheney’s oil company, I wanted to post a video that really sums up all 8 years of his contribution to the States and the World.



  • Ally said:

    LOL. Look at his face

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  • Beebop said:

    ‘Fool me’ quote is priceless. What a FOOOOL!

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  • Obi said:

    Great writing. Flawless sarcasm.

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  • Kisha said:

    Thanks for that!!!! I knew he had a problem speaking but this is prefect!!

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  • Oswald said:

    I recently saw a movie about him (it told the story of Bush from his youth to some point later – can’t remember it quite well 😉 were he didn’t get away real bright and cool , but this video just approve the movie, which, in my first/humble opinion, just sucked.

    @Robby: came to your blog from search-this 🙂 it seems pretty cool 🙂 surely will add it to my feeds
    i have two minor criticisms: 1. you really should have a heading for the comments or made them stand out a little bit more, because i hardly found them
    2.again comments: the “notify me of follow up comments via email”-button can hardly be seen, because it has this wirly background ^^

    I wish you a nice day 🙂

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Oswald: I appreciate your comment. I fixed the 2 problems you were experiencing. hopefully now i’ll get more comments on my posts. happy you notified me on those flaws. for some reason the swirly things only affected the “notify” button in firefox but worked fine in explorer. So i just removed it completely.
    also, if you could would you send me the link to where you came to my blog from.. you said it was from ‘search-this’ but i couldn’t find my blog there. i’d appreciate the link. thanks

    all the best, mate.

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