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Find the Reason Why

19 March 2010 No Comment

How can I be able to convince my girl to have sex with me for she is not such a simple
girl that quickly gives in. I am extremely happy for your positive cooperation in resolving my worry. She is twenty years old and I am sure she’s not a virgin and she somtimes gives me some hugging and kisses but when I try to have sex with her, she just withdraws herself from me. Please, how am I to give her a fantastic pleasure so that I can have sex with her. Thanks to Robby G.

I personally believe that sexual chemistry is very important in a healthy relationship. Having said that, the romantic in me still believes that if you truly like the girl then you should respect her for not wanting to take it that far yet. If you’re in it for mostly then it is easier to just get yourself a fuck buddy.

If you still want to pursue your girlfriend to have sex with you, then you should first be open about it and ask her why she may be reluctant to sleeping with you and maybe you can fix the problem. If she were a virgin then it would have been more difficult to convincing her to try it out, but wish a woman who knows what to expect then you must understand that it is not the sex itself she is most likely avoiding, but that there may be a deeper problem rooted in her. Whether it be that she wants to take more time to get to know you better, or she may have had bad relationships in the past when the guy only used her for sex, or maybe she just wants to grow to trust you first, the any one of these reasons can be the cause of why she avoids having sex.

You must talk to her about it and see what her reasons are. Then, try to convince her that you are not like the other guys out there and that you do like her enough to want to keep dating her whether or not she does have sex with you. Sometimes, I noticed, men tend to put too much pressure on women about sex and that makes the woman believe that that is the only thing the man wants out of the relationship. You should make sure she doesn’t think that you’re only in it for sex and that you believe you two share something beyond just a merely sexual relationship. Something else to keep in mind is that the less emphasis you put on sex, the more likely she will want to have it with you. As I said, women think it suspect if their man seems to be fixated on having sex with her. I understand that it probably feels annoying that your own girlfriend does not want to have sex with you, but try to understand the reason why first before going forth with anything else. I wish there was clear laid out way to convince girls to sleep with us but unless you don’t care about losing her, then an ultimatum will not be helpful.

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