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Find Your Own Identity

14 July 2009 One Comment

identity, find your identity, individuality, personalSome may have had some misunderstandings with some of the posts I have written sometime ago and I just wanted to clarify a few points. When I give “how-to” advice to others or advice on certain ways men should act, these were just advice and not rules on their lifestyles. Today I’d like to say that before anyone can take those advice and choose to live a certain lifestyle of importance or success, they must find themselves. This is crucial in becoming a motivated and productive person. Without having found your own identity in the world, it is simply impossible to make something great of yourself. Before you can become anything you must become a real person. Finding yourself and understanding others for their problems makes you human. From then on you can become someone important. Many people live extravagantly and show off any chance they get whether it be with their money or their pride. However, sometimes those very same people with the money or the over-inflamed pride are the very same people with confidence issues and have a need to barricade their true selves from society so people do not locate their weaknesses. But proving yourself to others isn’t where ones greatness lies, it is in being cool and confident enough in yourself, knowing that you can be at peace with yourself, then your true identity makes its appearance and you learn to cope with the world around in a totally different way. In a way where everyone else does not pose a threat to you, but is just another misfit searching for himself. You rise above the mundane difficulties in life and learn to appreciate people for who they are and life for what it is.

“Envy is Ignorance, Imitation is Suicide”

In order for you to achieve greatness, you must make peace with yourself. That’s first and foremost. As children we tend to imitate others who we respect and adore, then as we get older those people we wanted to be like shape us into the adults we become. The sooner a person realizes that imitation is suicide, the sooner he will be able to rise above self-absorption and focus on key figures and key goals in life. Envying or desiring harm onto others for their success is ignorance. We must accept the idea that other people are in fact people like you and I, and they don’t pose a threat until provoked. We all have difficulties in life, we all have our own problems we try to overcome as best as possible, and we all have personal issues that no one else in the world but yourself care about. So in order to live a life that is full and as happy as can be, we must share some sort of a peaceful idea of onesness with others around us. Some enemies may be forgiven, some regrets may be forgotten, some debates left unsolved. But before you can move up the ladder of success, where real deceptions lie and only the strong and conniving survive, you must grasp the idea that you are who you’ve made yourself to be and you must live at one with yourself. Your identity is judged daily by the acts you do, but it is up to you to act accordingly with your judgement of each situation. Learn yourself and have respect of other people’s struggles and then you can understand what I want to share with you in my other posts on growth, success, perseverance, and developing powerful personality traits.

I hope that clarifies a lot of the ideas I shared in my previous posts and if you have any questions or in need of some dating advice, feel free to contact me. Cheers!

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  • Odette Celibataire said:

    The issue is how to find your own identity without imitating others.
    We did an interesting exercise in a teambuilding once. We all had a piece of paper, shut our eyes and got some directions on how to fold and tear the paper. The results were obviously very different even though we had the same paper and same directions. When we did the exercise again but with our eyes open, we all got the same result.
    The point is that we all have the natural tendency ti imitate and comply with what others do.

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