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17 November 2008 4 Comments

The kinda shite I like most in this world has got to be food. Good tasting food is probably one of the main reasons I live for. Well food, and a few other things I enjoy taking part in… if you catch my drift, ladies. That last line definitely sounded creepy. But anywho I might talk about that in future posts, because today we’re here to talk about food. I can’t believe I’m writing about this right now, because it’s 4 in the pm and I still haven’t eaten a single thing all day and I’m about to pass out from hunger.


There’re all kinds of good foods out there for us humans to enjoy, but the type of food I can eat anytime any day is definitely sushi. There’s never a time where someone will say let’s go for sushi and I’m not down like syndrome ready to feast on some raw fish. I’ve eaten sushi at the most random times, I’ve eaten it for breakfast, and I’ve eaten it at 4 in the morning once. If the fish is fresh, I’ll just say “pass the soya sauce this way.”


Nevertheless, you must understand that when my paycheck is cleared at the bank and it’s actually decent sized, I like to treat meself to something that has lobster in it. I’m not talking about Red Lobster, I’m talking about some French restaurant that has some mighty fine and freshly made lobster or at least some lobster pasta. I’ve eaten lobster pasta at some restaurant in Niagara-on-the-lake once and that was probably the best shite I’ve ever eaten in my life. Sure I’m into hooligan shite, but when a man’s gotta eat, a man has gotta eat fine. Being rowdy doesn’t mean you have to be eating Mikkie D’s all day, you can still get dressed up like one of them gangsters in Snatch and enjoy yourself without turning into a mincer.


Also, I suspect that you’ve never tried the the next type of food I’m going to suggest. If you ever get the chance of eating some Georgian food, give it a try, you’ll eat that shite right up and will be wishing you can fit more of it in your stomach. No, I’m not talking about the same Georgia that was on Ray Charles’ mind, whether the U.S state or a girl. I’m talking about the country Georgia that Russia had a conflict with recently. Their national dishes are incredibly delicious. After trying it you’ll probably wanna find yourself a Georgian wife so she can cook that food for you everyday. And, no, I’m not Georgian, before you ask. I just love their food. I’ve tried foods from many nations and they all have something that I like and dislike, but there’s nothing I dislike about Georgian food.


To move on, as I’ve said food is an extremely important part of my life, and that’s probably the main reason I would hate to go to prison. That, and being turned into someone’s wife. I really wanna finish up and order some food, so to help you out if you’re in the same situation as I am and are as hungry as I am, I wanna supply you with at least a link where you can get some food for cheap. If you go to this here link it’ll get you some grocery money that you can spend to get yourself some groceries so you can make yourself some Georgian dish. Click here or on the picture to go to a site with Georgian recipes. Khinkali is my favourite on that list. Try it out. Cheers!


  • Derek Zool said:

    Another good post. I’ve never had georgian food, thanks for the advice, i’ll try it some time.

  • Vicky said:

    Man, this made me so hungry. That’s it I’m off to the kitchen!!! would you like a sandwich? 😀

  • B.C said:

    @Vicky, I’ll have a sandwitch.

  • Vicky said:

    @B.C, It’s sandWICH, not sandWITCH, and sorry, but you’re not robby G. 🙂

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