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Foreign Exchange

27 November 2008 5 Comments

Bloody hell, I woke up today after a restless night of the worst dreams I’ve had in a long time and first thing I could think of was my trip to Amsterdam. In my first dream I died in a car crash, and the weird thing was that I looked at the car clock right before I slammed into the pillar of a bridge on the opposite side of traffic. The clock read 1:46am. Pretty eerie, gonna have to keep a look out for that time. Anywho, even worse was that I had a second dream about some big Kenyan guy who looked identical to the foreign security guard from ‘I Heart Huckabee’ and he told me that Stockholm, Sweden would be better for an exchange trip to go to than Amsterdam, Holland. So after that dream I came over to me computer and started searching for some pics and vids on Stockholm. Not only that Stockholm’s got the most beautiful females in the world, which is an extraordinarily big plus when you’re coming from Toronto, but their culture and overall city looks fantastic.

Check out this video link that really turned me on to Stockholm.

Stockholm Living

Well many people’ve been telling me that Stockholm might actually be the better place out of the two for me to go to, but I dunno. I thought it might actually be interesting to have a poll of where people from all over the world have a say at where they think would be best to go to for a year when you’re a 19 year old guy.

Where should I go on exchange for a year?

  • Amsterdam, Holland (63%, 62 Votes)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (37%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 99

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Anywho, either way I’m just one happy camper that I get to get out of this underpopulated huge country of canooes, Native Indians, and igloos. Alright, that was bullshite, I’ve never seen any of those things my whole time in Canada, well except for this country being underpopulated and huge, that’s a truey. I found a site the other day that offers great flights for dirt cheap. When shitexpedia told me $1600 for a flight to Amstedam, OneTravel.com said only $330. And then I got all excited and went around looking for luggage to purchase online and found that it would be cheaper to buy now from Irv’s Luggage then later. Oh, and that’s also because I found a fancy little code to fill out when purchasing the bags there. You want the coupon code? Sure, here it is: ‘holiday15’ and save an extra 15%.

I was recently thinking about what it would be like the first month or two in Western Europe, where I don’t have any family or friends, where I don’t know anything, where I’ve never been, and it really got to me. That initial culture shock, with the addition of being free for the very first time in my life, now that’s an experience worth living for. I’ll probably be scared shiteless when I make that very first step off the plane and look around and have no one greeting me at the exit gates. Then of course the paranoia will kick in and I won’t trust anyone with anything, because I’ll think everyone is trying to fuck me over on every step. Sounds like a magical feeling, don’t it? Well hopefully that’ll all pass within the first month because I’ll be too distracted with cooking, cleaning, shopping, and keeping up with a schedule on a daily basis all by myself. Freedom, liberty, responsibility, life. Hopefully I don’t change too much so when I come back to Canada I’ll be all ready to move out but too broke to do so. But then again, no one can tell what’ll happen in 2 years time, maybe I’ll have enough money and maybe even I’ll move out before my older brother.

. . . . . . .Cheers!


  • Deon said:

    You’re a brave one!! Traveling half-way around the world (for a year) to a country where you know nobody but yourself.

    I went to Tanzania for 5 weeks in the spring to volunteer..I didn’t really feel that lonley because I knew some of the people that were there. Although it definately was a culture shock, It was the experience that I loved.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Deon, I think it’s a BIT more brave going to Tanzania than Europe. But that’s just my opinion.

    I had a choice of staying either one term or full year and I think to really get the full experience and really learn something about the city, I need to stay a full year. Maybe even if I like it, I might just go ahead and fully move there. It’s not like it stops me from blogging 😉

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  • attah said:

    traveling to a different country will definitely be stressful but fulfilling at the same time. go to fuckin amsterdam bro or if u really want come to Ghana we will welcome you with open arms Salute!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @attah, Nice to have you here on me blog Mr. Attah. Ghana sounds good, but Europe’s where it’s at for me. Why do you suggest Amsterdam? Stockholm is just as live if not better… plus my univ only allows 1 bloat to go to Amsterdam, while they let as many as they want into Stockholm.


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  • Mike said:

    Don’t go to Amsterdam dude ! there are too much drugs, criminals and hookers. And girls aren’t THAT beautiful there, I’d suggest you to go to Stockholm it’s a lot better compared to Amsterdam (i already went there!)

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