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Freak in the Bed

15 October 2011 No Comment

Friends with benefits come and go and there usually isn’t too much emotional attachment involved. You sleep together, you may be seen in public once in a while, and the sex is usually crazy fun. Then you get a girlfriend and you really like her and for a change you begin to care about this girl’s opinions and what she is doing when she is not with you. The emotions are there and so is the support if you ever need it, but something may be missing. The sex isn’t as fun. “Why?” you wonder. She’s beautiful, you like her, and you two should be having the craziest sex of your lives together. It all depends on how you treat her in the bedroom. The way you treat her in public and the way you treat her in the bedroom shouldn’t be the same at all, it should be quite opposite in fact.

Lady in Public, Freak in the Bed

Hot Girl and GuyYour girlfriend likes to be treated nicely when you two are in public and around others, that’s common sense, but how should you treat her when you two are together in bed about to sleep together? Making sure she’s comfortable with the way you like to do it is definitely key, but you must also realize that when things are getting heated, she’s not looking for someone to keep asking her if she’s okay with this or that, but she wants someone to take charge and even get a little freaky. I believe every girl has a little dark side to her that wants to be released during sex. Never overdo anything without her consent, but don’t be afraid to add a little bit of a rough edge into the mix. I find that a lot of men who treat their women all lady-like in public tend to forget that they are first and foremost women and when it comes to the bedroom they do not want to be treated like a trophy, but rather like a warm-blooded, sexual hottie that feels like her head is spinning after you’re done with her. This will not only make your sexual relationship better, but if the sex is great then you can be sure that she’s not sneaking behind your back to get someone who can fulfill her fantasies. As the man, if you’re able to keep a balance between treating her good in public, and exhausting her in the bedroom, then I can guarantee a fun and loving relationship. One thing you have to remember though is that what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. By that I mean, do not view her as anything less just because she has a high appetite for having sex with you, instead take it as a good thing and you yourself will enjoy your sex life much more.

It’s Up to the Women to…

It’s not all up to the man to fulfill the woman’s every need, the woman is as much responsible. Women sometimes forget their role in the bedroom and go along with whatever the man is doing. Women must remember that they have to keep their boyfriends stimulated. So when you’re making love, don’t forget to get a little bit into it and give an extra moan or dig your nails into his back or even bite him on the neck. These little elements make the sexual experience go from average to something extraordinary. Also, heavy breathing and scratches only leave the man feeling satisfied, not just with the overall sex, but with his own ego, knowing that he was able to get his girlfriend so into it that she didn’t hold back anything but gave it her all. Because it is the holding back and being fearful that he may think of you differently if you do give it your all that keeps relationships from reaching their full potential.

So if you want to be satisfied and in turn satisfy your girlfriend or boyfriend, add some spice when you’re in the bedroom and you will notice the increase in the amount of times you sleep together as well as your overall emotional commitment. And don’t forget to mix things up at times and try out something new if the old way is getting overplayed.

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