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FREE eBook Published!

13 January 2009 12 Comments

That’s right, Robby G went right ahead and put all of his Dating Advice tips together from the Get Women Series and published an eBook that you can get FREE here. If you’re too lazy to go through post by post, you can just download the eBook and read 34 page masterpiece anytime of any given day. There’s also an extra dating advice in the final chapter that I never published on my blog but it was something I wrote as a guest post for another blog. I didn’t think all of those posts would even come close to being 34 pages long, but apparently I’ve been writing quite a bit in the past two months.

I got into a  few problems uploading and all that HTML computer crap that I’m not too good at, but I finally figured everything out this morning and it’s up. All I’m debating now is if I should continue with the Get Women Series, writing more posts on the subject or if I should wrap it up. I was thinking I might see how much people will enjoy the eBook and if it goes well then I’ll continue the Series and publish another installment to it. Well, I really gotta run now, so go ahead and download the eBook and enjoy!


  • Tim said:

    Nice cover, will read it soon.
    Im creating a lookbook too with a collection of pics of lovely women. 🙂

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  • Dave said:

    That’s good. Thanks. You should continue the series though I think!!

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  • Mr. White said:

    Yes, definitely continue. i love the cover picture, TIm is right.

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  • julia said:

    Wow even though this is advice for men, I just finished reading a few chapters. It’s some stuff I can use for my advantage as a woman. hahaa 😛

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  • Ryan said:

    Free stuff always good. Free stuff that’s actually GOOD–even better!

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  • Red said:

    Transform yourself into a boss in the dating world!!!!!! love that haha

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  • Riley said:

    Downloaded it just for the final chapter. I’ve read all your previous posts. It’s all worthwhile I have to admit. Good job Robby G! You should get rid of the Shite I Like Most category posts and update it with new get women articles. then combine the shite and sell the ebook altogether. Make some money from that shite Robby!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    Thanks to everyone.

    @Riley: Yeah, that’s a good idea, that’s actually what I was thinking of doing. So GET YOURS FREE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! I’ll get rid of the …most category soon and will write new posts for it.

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  • free dating said:

    thanks for the link. i’ll try this ebook soon

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  • Samantha Thomas said:

    i am always looking for some free stuffs over the internet. there are also some companies which gives free samples.’-~

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  • Tub Chair said:

    of all the free stuffs that can come from the internet, what i love to are those free DVDs :’`

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  • Henry James said:

    Thank YOU Rob!

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