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Fuck Buddy Relationship with a Married Man

12 January 2013 2 Comments

I have read some of your articles regarding fuck buddies and they are very
insightful. However, my situation is involving a married fuck buddy. We’ve been in
fuck buddies relationship in the past 5 months and I knew from the beginning that there’s
no future with him but unfortunately I still cant help but liking him more than I should.
My question is how do I find out if he feels the same way regardless that he is married
or not.

Hi Angel, having a fuck buddy can be a great idea as long as you both know where you stand. By its very nature a fuck buddy relationship is just about sex and by the sounds of it the relationship is becoming more complicated than that. You are clearly starting to have feelings for this guy which is understandable as sex is obviously an intimate act and confusion can easily creep in.

You need to understand however that guys think very differently to women when it comes to sex. He’s probably not looking for a relationship and is simply trying to fill a gap in his life by having a fuck buddy (he may be in a sexless relationship). He’s clearly not ready to leave his wife or he would have done so by now or perhaps the circumstances aren’t right for him to do so. Either way, whilst he is with his wife there is no long term future for the both of you in terms of a full on relationship. If you start to push him on the issue then he may back away altogether.

If he’s really into you then he’ll start to want to see you more often and not just for sex. He’ll start to want to spend time with you outside of the bedroom and have you as part of his life. If that is the case then when the time is right he may well leave his wife and be with you but he also may not. My advice is that if you are getting too emotionally involved with this guy then it might be the right time to step back from the situation and get on with your life. There are plenty of other fuck buddies out there. If he really wants you then he’ll let you know. If you want to keep fucking him then don’t push him for a relationship and just enjoy what you have. If it’s meant to be then the relationship will develop over time.

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  • Anne said:

    But if she keeps sleeping with him won’t she feel more and more closer to him n not be able to walk away and get heartbroken. But if she can feel like she can keep her feelings under control then still i think she should step back, because he doesn’t sound right. Cheating on his wife and trying to keep things going with you isnt right.

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  • Sexy cougar said:

    Let’s stay single for all time !!

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