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Hardcore Hooliganism

13 November 2008 2 Comments


Fuckin hell, I’ve liked hooliganism for quite some time now. The fact that I’ve been living in this mincy land of cops and rats called Canada, I haven’t been able to indulge in official hooligan fights. Of course, I’ve been in fights here and there, but nothing like running along fifty or sixty other mates, rushing another set of hundred men, throwing anything from kicks and punches, to rocks and home-made bombs. I’ve been a fan ever since I’ve watched The Football Factory both the movie and the documentaries called the Real Football Factories. Oh yes, by the way, part of the reason I’m moving to Holland next year is their hooligan scene. I think it’s true that you can’t compare anything to the feeling of kicking in a fucker’s teeth, while another is throwing a hook to your nose.


Football (soccer) itself, I’m not a big fan of. I enjoy the game and find it entertaining, and cheer on my hometeam (not Canada, before you ask) during big championships, but besides that, I’m not crazy about the sport. Now when it comes to supporting your team, well, that’s a different story. Check out this piece of shite clothing I found on Amazon called Blind Hooligan Custom Zip Youth Hoodie. Fucking great name, ain’t it? Well there’s the image on the side of me post you can click on. Anywho, there’s a bunch of fancy gear for hooligans to wear, but I like to arm myself most with Timberland boots. Jesus, those things won’t only break a man’s nose, but it’ll shatter a few teeth too. I’m not a violent fella by nature, it’s just a sports fight, somewhat like in Fight Club.


So today I’d just like to mention the hardcore hooligan scene, and the gear that goes along with it as some shite I like.


Oh, and I’ve supplied a preview to this fantastic film I found recently called Hooligans and Thugs. You can get the full movie here, but why bother if you can watch it right now in parts on youtube right here.


PS: I fucking despise Green Street Hooligans. Hollywood drenched it down. Oh, they take some yank into their circle right away, they only drink and sing songs, they don’t do any coke or E, there’s some “bad” guy in their little circle of mates, and in the end, the supporting actor dies from a fight. Realistic? Maybe if you’re a golf supporter and you pissed off Adam Sandler, but not if you’re a hooligan.


. . . . . . .Cheers!


Hooligans and Thugs Preview




  • TFC Hooligan said:

    oyy! TFC HOOLIGAN!!!! Why does everybody in this weak country see fighting as a fucking act of hate and crime. Why can a country go to war yet I cant fucking go to battle agianst a futbol firm just for the sake of honoring my own team and firm. So what, you go home with a bruise and a bloody face, will heal and be even better. Football factories and the documentary are great to get a glimpse of the real world compared to the hollywood Green Street Hooligans. Although, i have got to admit I did still enjoy the film. Much rather watch Football Factories over and over but the only life to live is the hooligan life.

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  • Drake Don said:

    @TFC Hooligan, Bravo and reeeeespect. I get down and dirty in me fights all the time. It’s all about the heart and spirit. Hope you discover some true patriots of the sport and go out and knock some fuckers out. Enjoy life whilst you can, fellas.

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