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He Cares More than You Think

13 July 2010 No Comment

Hi. So i hooked up (just kissing) with a guy second time and for some reason
he seems to care about me. He came with me to find a cab for me to get home
and when i got in he asked me for a kiss. I mean why would he?? I’m just
confused. I have his number. I feel like i want to text him, but i’m scared
he is going to be like why is she texting me? Does he like me? because i
also remember him asking me if i still liked my ex bf. Thanks.

All That We Fought For.
Asking you if you still like your ex boyfriends is not a bad thing, because that’s how he is making sure there is no other man that he is competing against for you. Ordering a cab and kissing you before you leave is a sure sign that he does like you. I think he may not know exactly how to take it to the next level with you, but I’m sure with time he will show you much more affection and you will see he cares deeper than you may even think. If you like him as well then let him know by texting or calling him every so often. When a girl makes the first connection through a text on any given day, it shows the man that she thinks about him and she also cares for him, and that will help him build up the confidence to ask you on a date or make another move that will go past the kissing.

I think you shouldn’t question why he cares for you so early in your “relationship” because you only kissed, but you should think about what you should do next instead. If you like this guy even a little bit and think there is an opportunity to take it to the next stage then you should take it. If he’s not asking you out on a date, there may be various reasons behind it, such as him being unsure about how you will respond or just believing that you may be interested in someone else. You must try to convince him that you are in fact interested in him and want to try at least dating before starting something more serious. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him and talk to him on a regular basis. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it and you’ll be able to get to know him better this way.

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