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Healthy Mind, Rich Mind

6 April 2009 7 Comments

In my previous post I discussed the positive effects of having a hobby, and today I wanted to devote a post to the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. As difficult as it is to find time for a hobby, you must also make sure that at those times you’re not engaged in your hobby that you are living a healthy and positive lifestyle. With my hectic schedule I have been neglecting my health and after months of neglect I have began to feel its effects. My serotonin level dropped, I’ve developed feelings of anxiety, and have been having difficulty in concentrating. Basically I have been feeling unlike my healthy and optimistic self. After reading a very interesting article entitled How to Stop Worrying, which I advise for all of you to read, I got pretty damn optimistic about the self-help strategies they were recommending. Right after reading it, I decided to do a physical exercise and right away began remembering how I felt during last summer when I used to work-out on a daily basis and was leading a stress-free, healthy lifestyle.

Health #1, Money #2

I know this blog is about giving people advice on living a Boss lifestyle which is attributed to achieving a rich and powerful way of life, but without your health it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got in your pocket because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much. So with that said, I’d like to continue with my explanation on how you can not only help yourself by enjoying a healthy lifestyle, but organizing your schedule to adding a 30 minute exercise, a routine eating pattern (of healthy foods), and cutting down the consumption (though not fully, you still need to enjoy life) of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine to only occasions in order to live a life that will benefit you plenty in the long-run.

Been There, Done That

You ever wake up, head pounding from your hangover, you can’t breathe properly because of the amount of cigarettes or cigars you consumed the night before, you don’t want to go get out of bed but you can’t go back to sleep either? Well I’m sure the night before was great, but there are times when you just know you can’t go on living like this day-in day-out. Now don’t get me wrong, you may be young (like me) and you obviously have to party, but wouldn’t it be great if you could balance having fun nights with a healthy lifestyle that has you feeling great both mentally and physically all of the time? Well the fact is, when I exercise on a daily basis, I don’t even have the desire to drink as much as I would if I never exercised. I even refused drinks sometimes when I used to work-out routinely because I didn’t want it to affect my progress. And trust me, if you know me personally, you’d easily be shocked to hear that I refused to drink.

Eat Well, Feel Well

You’ve obviously heard people say before that “you are what you eat” so it’s important to eat healthy foods to feel healthy. For the past few months I haven’t had time to eat a normal home cooked meal so I’ve been eating way too much fast-food. And the worst part about it is I’ve been feeling its effects. Plus, I haven’t had breakfast in the longest time. So the other day I decided that all that needed to be changed. It’s hard to make your body get used to eating breakfast if you haven’t had it in a long time, but you’ve gotta fight that and make your body used to it. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day.

What’s Up Now?

Well now the consequence of not drinking alcohol as often, a huge decrease in my caffeine consumption, beginning to eat healthy, and listening to Bob Marley all day to ease my nerves, I’m starting to feel like I did in the summertime. Plus the work-out I’ve been doing have helped me release endorphins, elevating my mood and making me physically stronger. So with this post I’d really like to stress the importance of being healthy, both physically and mentally, because that way you become more effective and efficient with your strive to being a powerful Boss.


  • Drake said:

    I like the path you’re taking your blog. It’s become more formal and even the writing style has improved a lot. I liked your older posts, but your latest posts are some quality advice. Keep it up Boss. I’m going to start eating breakfast and working out too now. I think many people miss out on breakfast because of their tight schedules.

  • Tammy said:

    I like this post, it’s very cool. Eating well is soo important because most products you even buy in grocery stores like apples have been sprayed with so many chemicals that they become unhealthy if you don’t wash them like 3 times before taking a bite. By the way, exercising release edorphins and give you the “runner’s high” which is an incredible feeling with no bad after-effect. Its great I suggest it to everyone.

  • CCCP said:

    I love Bob Marley but at times he makes me way too mellow. I end up not wanting to do anything and just end up jamming all day. No real productivity accomplished at the end of it. I see what you’re saying in your post but I wouldn’t take it to such extremes as to even cutting out coffee. I like what you said thought how you should balance everything and if we’re young like you (which I am) then it’s okay to drink and party as long as yo flush out all the BS out of your system with regular work-out and eating well. Jah bless.

  • Johnny said:

    Thanks for the great post Robby G. I stopped eating fast-food as well. It’s horrible, makes me feel bloated and fitgued. And when your healthy and anxiety is decreased you most definetely feel like you can concentrate on your work better and in effect have more timeto achieve success.

  • Deon said:

    I have to agree with Drake..I like the direction your blog is going!!

    Keep the post coming!!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    I appreciate everyone’s comments and I’ve been getting from a lot of people they have noticed growth in my writing, which I’m pretty happy about. So yeah mates, enjoy my upcoming posts. Cheers!

  • Daisey Bispham said:

    What an ridiculous collection of effectively carried out articles, it looks like now-a-days everyone is just copy/pasting and stealing content material all the time, however I assume there’s still hope in trustworthy blogging.

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