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He’s My Boss, He’s My Fuck Buddy

15 February 2011 One Comment

So my FB is also my boss. Yes, it’s as hot as you think! It all happened
so fast but we click. We spent a night together and after he told me he had
a gf for 6years. I know I shouldn’t continue this but the sex is amazing!
We have great role plays, click with our fetishes, click with personalities,
and excite each other all day long. The problem, I think I might be falling
for him and I think he is too. He writes me and says, “Honey I miss you”
or will leave VM saying that. We can’t date because work and I don’t
want to ruin the simple nature of what we have. I guess how do I keep this
going and lessen the feelings that he and I are developing for one another.
I know I could never trust him to date him anyways. I just don’t want to
piss him off when I find a boyfriend either. He tends to get jealous when he
sees me talking to other guys even though we are FB. Damn the fact he can
fire me!!! Any thoughts?

Well that does sound hot! 😉
The problem with relationships where you want to lessen the emotional commitment without giving yourselves a break from seeing each other is that unless one of you screws something up then the emotions only rise and rise. Especially in these situations, because there is a level of risk and “danger”, it boosts the thrill and that only creates a more passionate sex life. I can almost guarantee that when you’re not at work you are actually looking forward to go back and see him and share that certain connection that you have. And more particularly, the fact that you can’t reveal your relationship to many others makes the times that you see him and exchange glances even more intimate. It is good that you have put limits on how far this relationship may go, as you said that you wouldn’t date him because you wouldn’t trust him to be faithful. So this already shows that you are preparing yourself to not take things any further than where they already stand.

While you’re at work it may be wise for you to not be too flirtatious with other men because then it could cause unwanted tension and that’s never a good thing for anybody. However, if you do find someone you like and want to date sometime in the future, then you may want to tell him that you don’t want to continue what you’re doing because you are ready to commit to someone else and it wouldn’t be fair to the new guy. About keeping your feelings in check, you have to realize that in most cases like this, it is in fact the situation that you are attracted to rather than the man particular. Of course, there are exceptions at times, but this relationship is one of those that are strictly fun and based on lust because of the fact that he is your boss, and he does have a girlfriend, and there is a level of risk that you’re involved with. Getting involved with someone else and not seeing your boss sexually for a while could make that thrill go away and in turn your emotional commitment to him will evaporate as well. But since you’re not ready to give up what you currently have, it’s probably best to continue seeing him the way you are and try not to anger him often by chatting up other men… unless of course that’s part of the game play and you want to get him slightly riled up before you see him in his office or whatever.

I believe keeping things simple is the best way to go about all of this. Having a serious talk or creating some sort of guidelines don’t look like they are of any help here and if you both are able to continue things in a simple-natured fashion without wrapping more elements into the equation, then everything should work out fine between you. As long as you don’t show any jealousy and act as carefree about things as you would like him to feel then it could work out that you two continue a strictly sexual relationship. You should be worried when you feel like you don’t want any other man but him and that should trigger some alarm bells. But if you’re still enjoying the company of other men, not necessarily sexually but even just through occasional dates, then you should be alright.

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  • Becky said:

    Great points~ who knew having a FB could actually become difficult? You gave great points with other men comments. I just don’t get it… why some men want their cake, their cupcake and then extra side pudding! But heaven forbid a girl wants a little extra pudding too. 😉 haha


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