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One Hitta Quitta

17 December 2008 3 Comments

Youtube is quite a useful tool, (no shite, you’re thinking) and what I enjoy watching most on there is One Hitta Quittas. Well, it’s ‘one hitter quitter’, just said in a more gangsta term, I guess. If you don’t know what one hitter quitter is, well, it’s pretty much a one punch knockout. What I like most about them is when the guy who gets knocked out is the same guy talking all the shite to begin with. I’ve probably seen 95% of the one hitter quitters on Youtube already, and the one I enjoyed most was definitely the one I provided in this post. Fast forward a bit to about 45 seconds into the vid because the shite beforehand is rubbish.

To be honest, I would never put my fights on Youtube, because bobbies love to use social media to catch criminals nowadays. And posting something like: “Robby G’s One Hit Knockout and Face Stomp” is a clear way of getting booked. So my suggestion to all of you is try to keep your dirty work on the low.




  • James said:

    Sounds russian. Not into too much violence myself, but watching UFC once in a while isn’t bad.

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  • Dan said:

    Whattta knockout!!

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  • SN said:

    i love that he spits on him after laying him out

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