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Hookah, Shisha, Nargila

8 December 2008 3 Comments

Whichever way you wanna call it, whether hookah, shisha, or nargila, I like it. No fellas, I’m not talking about hookers here, this isn’t part of my Get Women Series, I’m talking about ‘hookahs’. Hookahs or Nargila is a smoking device from which you typically smoke flavoured tobacco from, but of course you can add some of your own home-grown or street-bought “flavoured tobacco”. I’m not really into that street-bought shite (yes, even though I’m moving to Amsterdam for a year), I do however like to smoke strawberry-banana or double-apple flavoured tobacco out of those nargilas. I don’t know how it is in the States, but I know there are a bunch of bars here in the T.O where you can order, sit back, and smoke nargila while drinking a pisto. It doesn’t get you high or anything, it’s just like smoking a cigarette, just with a much better flavour and with less chemicals. What’s the point of nargila if it doesn’t get you high? Well, the head-rush and the relaxing feeling you get when you smoke it, I assume. At least that’s why I smoke it.

Get it, Got it, Good 

You can usually buy a hookah at a Persian shop or easier still, you can get it online. I used to own one but I left it at one of my mate’s cars and really never say it after that. I haven’t gotten one after that because another mate of mine has one and we just smoke his whenever we want, or we just go to a hookah bar. When I did have my own though, I had a compact red one which I took around with me in my trunk. I never got into the habit of smoking cigarettes so I found the hookah quite useful. Honestly, just writing about it right now makes me wanna go out to HY lounge and smoke a little. To someone that’s never had or heard of it, the whole nargila thing might sound kinda stupid, I guess, but trust me it’s pretty good.


The Set-Up Process    

The only thing that really gets to me is the entire process that comes along with it to set a nargila up. You’ve gotta first put water in the base, then screw on the top, then put flavoured tobacco at the top, then close the top off with tin-foil, then put tiny holes in the foil, then light up a coal and put that on top of the foil. Now you’re finally done and can smoke, smoke, smoke away after plugging the smoke hose into the appropriate hole in the nargila. It’s a lot easier to just go to a store and buy a cigar, bite off the tip, light the front, then start puffing away, eh? Yeah, but the flavours are different, and also I find that I get more pleasure out of something that takes longer to accomplish. The whole set-up process is a minor thing if you really think about it, but it can be seen as a hassle to some.


I guess it all depends on the type of person you really are in the end. Some might use a hookah for it’s original purpose, others might add their own ingredient into it, some might stick to cigarettes, and others might not even wanna intoxicate their lungs with smoke. Smoker or non-smoker, smoking nargila it still some shite I like to do. And drinking a beer along with it only adds on to the chills after a hard day’s work.




  • Deon said:

    I can’t smoke ciggs, but I love smoking a hookah. Last year one of my friend decided to go to a hookah bar for her birthday and I swear it was the best thing ever. You’re right the atmosphere is pretty relaxing, especially if you’re drinking!

  • Farrah said:

    I just tried this hooka thing, and i am just kinda like it sipping the smoke stuff. Just to be on the social part of me.

    Farrah from gourmette enfant 

  • hookah accessories hose said:

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